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What Can You Do When You Have Suffered An Injury That Wasn’t Your Fault?

July 2, 2021

Suffering from an injury is difficult and has a lot of bad effects on both your physical and mental health. When you are injured as a result of a situation that was not your fault, the feeling of injustice would add to your sense of anger and frustration. Imagine this anger with helplessness and the inability to figure out what is the best thing you should be doing to win your claim. This mixture of emotions can lead you directly to the wrong series of actions that are not well thought of or planned, possibly resulting in the loss of your claim. Of course, your physical and mental health comes first but that does not mean that you do not care about winning and getting compensated for your losses. That is why there are some things you need to do whenever you are in that situation to make sure you feel like you have dealt with it in the most proper manner. Here are our recommendations: 

  1. Make Sure Everyone Else Is Fine

If you were not alone in the vehicle, make sure that those who were with you are fine and safe. Especially if you have children on board, try your best to calm them down and help them relax and feel safe. Children can be an extra source of stress and might force you to act in the wrong manner. It is also recommended to teach your kids how to call for help if they ever need to so that you can count on them if the situation calls for it.

  1. Visit The Nearest Emergency Room

The first thing you have to do is to make sure you are doing well. If you can move, go to the nearest emergency room that you can find. However, if you are in so much pain, ask a friend or a colleague to call for help and get you to the nearest hospital. Having your body checked and making sure that it is well is a crucial step that you must not skip even if you are feeling fine. Before you leave the emergency room, take all the documents that prove you were there and also ask if further checkups or any follow-up is needed or recommended.

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  1. Contact Your Lawyer

Having legal representation takes a lot off your shoulders and helps you feel confident about your situation. Even though you might be extremely sure it is not your fault, proving it might be difficult. The local community lawyers at say that lawyers know how to handle the manipulations of parties at fault, and are experts in helping people win their claims when they are injured for no fault of their own. Hiring a lawyer who is familiar with your area greatly helps in proving your claim. There is so much involved in this legal process and having experts with you can drastically change your odds.

  1. Take Photos of The Scene 

You are going to need all the proof you can get your hands on and there is no way you will be able to recreate the scene, so you better take photos on the spot. All you have to do is take as many pictures as you can and hand them over to your lawyer. Do not share any of your taken pictures on social media as this can be used against you, just keep them safe on your phone until needed. You cannot imagine the number of ways that these pictures can be used against you. For instance, your opponents can use your ability to post as proof that the accident was not a huge deal and your medical claims are false.

  1. Collect Witness’ Contact Information 

It would be useful as well if you collect the contact details of those who were on the scene. Having people testify that you did not do anything wrong will make your position better. Ask for their phone numbers or any other way you can reach them regarding the incident. 

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Being injured is a difficult experience to go through, but it is even tougher if you know for sure you did nothing wrong yet you were unable to prove it. Having professionals by your side and being prepared with the steps to follow will make that easier for you. People usually do not do what is best because they either do not know what it is or they are overwhelmed with the whole situation and unable to think properly. Through this article, we hope we have given you ideas on what to do if you find yourself in this situation, instead of forcing your brain to think and act under stress.

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