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How to Find the Right Car Shipping Company for You

Before making a decision about who is going to ship your car, either overland or at sea, there are many important things you need to consider. Other than carefully weighing the myriad price options from car shipping quotes online, you should have a thorough grasp of how car shipping companies peg their costs.

A clear understanding of what affects costs and how the quoting process works is vital in determining how much you will eventually pay. Keep in mind, though, your initial quote is essentially not what you end up paying.

What Factors Influence Car Shipping Costs

Knowing what affects car shipping costs is a key factor in helping you to make the right decisions about who takes care of your shipment.

The costs of auto transportation are fluid. Nothing is ever engraved in stone, but most times, the basic criteria used are as follows:

• The Season: Shipping rates usually hit the sky either in the dead of winter or when summer is blazing. So, if you have no other option apart from moving your car during these months, you have to be ready to pay slightly more.

• Type of Carrier: If you are extra mindful about your car’s safety while on transit, you may want to consider using an enclosed auto carrier. No doubt safety will be guaranteed, but you will have to pay more for that. Open carriers charge far less than their counterparts.

• How Far? The further the haulage goes, the more you will pay. If it is an interstate shipment, for instance, from New York to Texas, then you will pay more than if you were moving your car just within New York State.

• Pickup and Drop-off Destinations: Shipping within cities is far less expensive than if your shipment is to a remote, rural location. Reaching small towns tucked away in a distant enclave can be challenging.

Finding the Right Auto Carrier

It is hard to find the best service or product in a crowded marketplace. Car transportation is a crowded industry where the good, the bad, and the outright fake meet. This might seem hard-hitting, but it is the truth. Some auto transporters lack both the expertise and the licensing to carry out shipment services for cars.

Never trust such a company, even if it is willing to transport your car for less than a quarter of the usual price. Diligently search for quotes online before settling on a particular company.

The Company’s Website

Clients and auto carriers often interact for the first time on an auto shipping company’s website. That is where your search for pricing should start, and it is also the place to find out whether you are dealing with a reputable car hauler or not.

Keep an open eye for all the relevant information that set’s out the company as reliable. Carefully read the reviews left by the previous customers. If that is not enough, try to reach out to one or two people to confirm the claims on the website. In many instances, customers prefer to use brokers.

Explore and Research Well

Just a cursory look at a hauler’s website is not enough. Carefully examine and compare all the potential companies you might be interested in engaging. Evaluate their websites in terms of pertinent information, such as contact details, location, services, and areas of operations.

Terms and Conditions

Hauling cars is a risky business. Any company in this industry will want some form of protection against lawsuits. Check the website for the right information on liability. You will find this under “Terms and Conditions.” That is where you will also find other legal details regarding insurance and compliance with regulating authorities. Make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions of auto shipping.

FMCSA Registration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates all car carriers by issuing them with MC Number and USDOT Number. These are unique identification numbers FMCSA employs to keep a tab on auto transporters in terms of accidents, law compliance, and audit reports. Avoid any car hauler not registered with the FMCSA because if it is not registered, it is not legit.

GPS Tracking System

A reputable car hauler will ensure your trust by providing you with the means of tracking your shipment while it is on the move. GPS tracking will also help you to make good plans

Now Get Your Quote

Having done a lot of leg work on researching and comparing different car transporters online, isn’t it time you picked a quote? At least get quotes from different companies. Next, head to the verification stage by contacting a company representative. Learn about how the company deals with the kind of shipping you are interested in and its shipping process. If you are satisfied, schedule a pickup.

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