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Top 6 Reasons Why PMI PMP Certification Is So Popular

Have you any idea why the demand for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification has grown significantly over the years? The thing is that this certificate is offered by the prestigious Project Management Institute (PMI) and is vendor-neutral. To add more, it validates an individual’s skills and knowledge in managing projects. What’s more, this credential brings about many benefits to individuals and employers alike. 

Therefore, this article focuses on why the PMP certification has become a popular option among professionals .

1: Project Management Field Is Here To Stay

As you know, project management is an in-demand occupation and will remain that way in the future too. Since businesses are constantly developing, skilled professionals are in high demand. According to recent studies, PMI states that every year 2.2 million project professionals will be required up to 2027 to fulfill this industry demand. 

2: Globally-Recognized Project Management Credential

The PMP designation is a well-known accredited certification offered by one of the pioneering project management certification providers in the world. That’s why this certificate is preferred by employers and in most instances a prerequisite for jobs. Additionally, upon completion of the appropriate PMP exam, candidates will be awarded a digital badge that can be shared on CV and social networks to attract recruiters and potential employers.

3: Gaining And Validating Industry-Relevant Expertise

Thus, professionals have the opportunity to validate their skills and gain further knowledge through the PMP certification track. That’s because this PMI designation is curated by project experts to reflect actual industry demands. So, the key areas tested in the relevant PMP exam include people, processes, and business environment. At the same time, on the vendor’s official website, you can find a detailed test blueprint to help you prepare

4: Adaptability To Any Industry

One of the greatest advantages of PMP is that the knowledge gained can be applied in any role and industry. It is particularly useful for managers, engineers, and planners. That’s why most professionals from various areas obtain the PMP certification to strengthen their careers and grow.

5: Higher Earning Potential

Certified professionals are proven to receive higher salaries than non-certified individuals. According to the Project Management Salary Survey, PMP-certified professionals in the United States earn 25% higher than non-certified ones. In more detail, the average median salary according to the survey is 115,000 USD per annum for PMP certificate holders whereas non-qualified ones receive 92,000 USD. Furthermore, the longer a specialist holds this accreditation, the higher the earning potential. 

6: Great Career Prospects

The PMP qualification opens the door to many new career opportunities and advancements. For instance, this certificate indicates that the professional is competent and has the skills necessary to drive business results. So, PMI PMP-certified professionals are generally employed as project managers, IT managers, engineers, and consultants. As well, certified individuals are likely to qualify for promotions and climb the career ladder faster.


As you can see, the PMP certification by PMI is a leading project management certification. This credential has become very popular because of the industry relevance and benefits it brings to professionals. And, currently, there are over a million PMP-certified professionals in the world. Now it’s your turn. Earn your PMP badge today and stand out from the crowd.

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