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The Strength And Healing Powers Of The Moldavite Crystal

August 18, 2021

When diving into the world of stone, glass, gems, and crystals, there’s always more to discover. The following will explore just one spectacular crystal—Moldavite. This piece of extraterrestrial glass is not only beautiful to look at but energetically unique and worth learning about.

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What Is Moldavite Crystal?

Moldavite is part of the tektite group of natural glasses that is typically dark olive green but can also contain hints of muted yellows and browns and is chemically represented as SiO2 + Al, Ca, Fe, K, Na. It’s been called “The Stone of Transformation” and is thought to have originated when a meteorite landed in the Bohemian Plateau 14.8 million years ago, meaning its origin is extraterrestrial (it’s thought to be the outer surface of a meteorite that fused and melted as it hurdled through the atmosphere). It’s not uncommon for oddities to travel to earth on meteorites, as strange as the concept sounds. Moldavite landed roughly where the present-day Czech Republic is, and as early as 25,000 B.C., Neolithic people of Eastern Europe were using the crystal in amulets carried to boost fertility and fortune and even as arrowheads.

The crystal was also found among one classic archaeology find. The Venus of Willendorf artifact was found alongside moldavite amulets and cutting tools. The crystal has a glowing green color similar to that of emeralds and has a warmth when touched. This warmth is now affectionately referred to as moldavite flush. The heat also results in vibrations throughout the body of someone who touches the crystal, and some cite tingling sensations because of this. There are mixed opinions on whether people enjoy this tingling sensation or wish to put the stone down after holding it for only a short time. 

The crystal has also been thought of as the stone that the Holy Grail was carved out of, and so large lore has developed around it. The Holy Grail is believed to be the cup that Jesus drank out of and shared with his disciples at the last supper. Some believe that the apostle Peter used the cup to collect Jesus’ blood and sweat while he was dying on the cross and that, because of this, the vessel has the power to heal and increase longevity.

What Properties Does Moldavite Have?

Moldavite radiates warm energy that some feel is a little overwhelming at first. The crystal helps with protection, self-healing, and cleansing, in addition to helping with transformation and connectivity.

It has been linked to the heart chakra, not only because of its green color but because of the pulse and warmth associated with withholding it. It is connected with a drastically accelerated personal and spiritual evolution, making it excellent for combating cynicism and bitterness and easing doubts, and making it brilliant for aiding meditation and dreamwork. When placed on the skin above the heart (say, in a necklace), moldavite can help ease the feelings of “homesickness” that spiritually aware people tend to have for their existence before being an earthly being.

Image courtesy Unsplash

How Strong Is Moldavite?

You may have noticed that twice above it is mentioned that some find the power of moldavite a little uncomfortable at first. Given how strongly Moldavite energy radiates, some people find themselves getting a little lightheaded when they touch it for too long at first. Over time, a person will adjust to the strength of moldavite, but in the short term, a new user might want to limit their physical contact with the stone to shorter bursts within their comfort zone. You can also use grounding stones or methods in addition to the moldavite to help them ease into its use. The good news is that given how strong the glass is, you don’t need to hold it for very long to feel its impact. If you’re out and about and the stone is too intense for you, simply put it in your pocket, where your clothing will help reduce the impact it has on you. Be wary that wood amplified moldavite.

Caring For Moldavite

Like when caring for crystals, sea salt, and running water (non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated meaning no city water and with minimal microplastics meaning no bottled water) can be used to clean moldavite. They can also be cleansed with moonlight and sunlight. Never under any circumstances use chemical cleaning products or products with fragrance (note that “scent-free” doesn’t mean fragrance-free, it means that extra fragrance was added to neutralize the scent of the product).

Given the strength and focus of Moldavite, programming isn’t a very good idea. Let the glass give you what it wants to give you and stop trying to control its impact. Let go or be dragged, right?

The above information should have introduced you to moldavite, and its abilities and strength. As with anything designed to further your spiritual development, there’s no harm in going slowly. It takes as long as it takes.

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