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Trumpism attracts the lonely

Dear editor

I remember being a college student and hearing my Philosophy professor saying this to the class “LONELINESS is the least talked about social problem in the USA.”

This came back to me when I was trying to understand why so many conservative-Republicans (especially the ones who are radical-right-wing and far-right-wing) react so strongly against Covid vaccines and indoor mask-wearing.  Their rage over this seems way out of proportion as well as irrational.

I now believe that what is “behind” a lot of their over-reactions is that it means the world to them to be a part of and a follower of what some Democrats call “The Cult of Donald Trump.”  Being a part of a cult or of any large group can take away a lot of our loneliness.  It feels good to be approved of, accepted by, and valued by a large group, and so we go along with what they say and do even when we know, way deep down inside, that a lot of it is foolishness and nonsense.


Stewart B. Epstein

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