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5 Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels While Moving House

Putting your house on the market might seem like one of the stressful things you’ll ever do, but moving can easily take its place at the top of the list. There can be so many things to add to your to-do list, such as de-cluttering, packing boxes, and redirecting your mail. 

If you are concerned about your stress levels during this challenging time, here are five things that may be able to mitigate them. 

Hire the Experts

You may not have realized it, but professional move management services exist to help with the entire moving process. If you’re concerned about how much time and effort it’s going to take to clear clutter, pack, and organize all your possessions, you can hire an organizing pro to help. 

They can assist with everything from downsizing and designing to prepping, packing, and everything in between. By the time the moving truck arrives, you may be surprised at just how straightforward and stress-free the process was. 

Declutter First

Depending on how much time you have to move out of your house, you might be tempted just to throw everything into boxes and worry about clearing out old possessions when you arrive at your new home. However, there can be value in decluttering your home before you move rather than after. 

Packing gives you a chance to sort through your possessions and cut down how many moving boxes you require. The less you have to shift, the more affordable and faster the moving process might be.

Ask for Help

Many of your friends and family may be more than happy to help you prepare for your big move if you asked them. Not everyone may be able to help with the packing and moving side of the process, but they may be able to help with other things you’re struggling with. 

For example, grandparents may like to have children or pets over for a sleepover so that you can focus on packing, or your boss may give you time off work to give you more time to focus on moving. These small acts may reduce a great deal of stress. 

Write Lists

When there is so much to organize before a big move, it’s hard to remember everything. Rather than let it swirl around in your mind and cause sleepless nights, write a list. 

With everything written down, you can tick off tasks as you achieve them for a sense of achievement. Before long, you can be at the end of your list, moved in, and ready for a fresh start. 

Label Boxes Well

In a home with multiple rooms, there are likely to be numerous possessions to find space for in your new home. To avoid too much confusion over what’s present within which box, label them thoroughly. 

For example, rather than labeling a box ‘kitchen,’ you can go into further detail with ‘kitchen – cups and plates’ so that you can place the box in the right part of the home. 

There is no way to completely eradicate stress when you’re experiencing a life-changing event such as moving into a new home. However, by relying on experts, organization, and an excellent labeling system, you may be able to enjoy as little stress as possible.

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