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Best Ranged Weapons in OSRS

If you’re looking to attack from distance in OSRS, here’s some weapons to use.

Out of the combat classes that are available in OSRS, ranged is one that many players adopt as their primary form of attack. It can come in especially useful in a number of boss encounters that you have to face in the game. If you’ve been wondering what the best ranged weapons are to spend your OSRS gold on, then this article should have you covered.

Dragon Hunter Crossbow

If you’re looking to take down dragons, then as the name would suggest this is the weapon for you. With the effect of dragonbane being a part of the weapon, it will dish out extra damage to enemies of the dragon ilk. Just make sure that you’re aware that you won’t be able to use kebbit and long kebbit bolts with this weapon. Also, do make sure that you are going into battle with a dragon prepared, and don’t just rely on this weapon to get the job done. Dragons aren’t one of the most famous creatures for no reason, after all.

Armadyl Crossbow

You will find that this is the only crossbow available that has the prayer bonus. That isn’t the only positive either. You can expect fantastic speed, range, and accuracy from using this weapon. The Armadyl Eye, which serves as its special attack, adds double accuracy to the attack as well. You can also use enchanted bolts concurrently with this particular crossbow.

Craw’s Bow

For a weapon where you won’t need to buy OSRS gold, the Craw’s Bow is ideal. This weapon comes free courtesy of Craw, though you need to take out a few revenants in the Revenant Caves first. It comes in handy with the fact that it has its own ammunition that generates when charged with revenant ether. The shots from it are also covered in an aura so you will find similarities with the Crystal Bow here too. It may fall behind with special attacks, but it has the same bonuses as you have with the Magic Shortbow.

Toxic Blowpipe

We are getting into the territory of the very best ranged weapons that the game has to offer. Starting with the Toxic Blowpipe, this is a brilliant find in OSRS. If you have a serpentine helm, then you will have a 100% chance of inflicting venom on your enemy. You also have the choice of whether your ammo reloads itself or stay sin your inventory. Those taking part in PvP will find it has an attack speed of 3, whilst this is increased to 4 when attacking other enemies. Overall, don’t be fooled by the name of the weapon. It is most certainly one of the most effective ranged weapons in all of Old School Runescape.

Twisted Bow

Which brings us onto perhaps the very best ranged weapon in the popular MMO title. If you are going to favour ranged combat in OSRS, then this is a weapon that you should be looking out for. When you make your way through the Chambers of Xeric, you will receive the Twisted Bow as a reward. Otherwise, you are looking at very high prices, so much so that you may consider finding OSRS gold for sale if you don’t have enough OSRS GP already.

What really makes the Twisted Bow special is how the damage is increased depending on how high the magic level of your opponent is. This means that facing the likes of the Alchemical Hydra, Commander Zilyana and others will showcase how devastating the bow can be. That said, it can more than hold its own against other foes too.

So as you can see, there are a number of different choices for you to find when it comes to the finest ranged weapons in Old School Runescape. That said, some may require you to invest OSRS gold in them in order to obtain them. That said, it is certainly worth looking into even if you do have to make an investment. With the different combat classes that are available, ranged is going to be the most important for some. If you do choose to make the most of the ranged combat, then you might have to adopt a different style of play. Close combat isn’t going to be very effective when you are simply hitting them with the crossbow itself. Try and create some separation between you and your enemy so that you can make full use of your crossbow bolts and arrows. 

Have you managed to find any of these ranged weapons in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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