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Path of Exile – About the Redblade Band and Unique Items

If you are getting into PoE uniques, then here’s one you should look out for.

In Path of Exile, we are treated to a wide variety of items that can be used in different ways. Such is the variety that you have resources like PoE Trade, which we can use to buy and sell valuable items between players. Amongst these items are something called uniques. These unique items offer a range of alterations that are made to the item in question. We will be taking a closer look at unique items shortly, but first let’s check out the Redblade Band.

The Redblade Band

In Path of Exile, the Redblade Band serves as a unique Unset Ring. It requires you to be at level 44 and has one single socket. With this item, socketed Golem skills have a 25% chance of taunting opponents when hit. They also have minions regenerating 5% of life per second.

You are also looking at some pretty valuable increases as well in terms of stats. You get +30-40 increase of strength, as well as 20-30% added fire damage. You’ll also receive a +30-40 boost to your max life. The inscription of the Redblade Band item reads “To ascend to leadership, the child of a Redblade warlord must pull the band from the still-hot ashes of their father.”

How to Acquire the PoE Item

By now we have a bit of an idea of what the PoE item is and how it can be used to benefit us. That said, we are also going to need to know what it takes for us to get the Path of Exile item for ourselves. This is a unique that is drop restricted. The Redblade unique items are dropped by Redblade warbands, as to be expected. In fact, there are certain items that are only able to be acquired by Redblade bosses.

Nevertheless, we know that we can get these items from Redblade warbands. So the next step is going out and finding them. You can encounter Redblade warbands on the Lighthouse map. Alternatively, you can also get them from certain unique strongboxes.

As for vendor prices, don’t worry about having to spend your Exalted Orb. That being said, you will need to part with 8 Chaos Orb. If you already have the Redblade Band and you’d like to trade it with a vendor, then you can expect an offer of 16 Alchemy Shards and 9 Alteration Shards.

There are a few monster restrictions in terms of drops. You have a choice of four monsters in total to acquire them from. The Redblade Band can be acquired from Bin’aia, Crimson Rain. You also have a choice of El’Abin, Bloodeater, as well as Uruk Baleh and Leli Goya, Daughter of Ash.

PoE Unique Items

That takes care of what we need to know about the Redblade Band, but there is still plenty to learn about unique items themselves. For those who are unaware, a unique item in Path of Exile is an item that stands out from the rest, which seems pretty obvious given the name of it. A PoE unique item will have its own altered name, different artwork and a list of modifiers that come with it. Uniques will share the same implicit modifier as the normal item of its type as well.

You’d be forgiven for mistaking PoE uniques as items that would be more powerful than others. However, they aren’t actually designed to be more powerful than the likes of high-level rare items. Their goal isn’t to be the strongest, but rather change the way in which PoE items work. This is to help provide you with a unique gameplay experience courtesy of these Path of Exile items. Such luxuries allow you to focus on special character builds that you can create based on the unique items that you have.

Overall, there are nearly 1,500 unique items in Path of Exile. There is a broad range of what the items tend to be as well. You’re looking at everything from modified variants of PoE items, to maps and more.

Remember that you can also purchase PoE currency if you wish to get your hands on more Path of Exile items that you desire. That being said, be sure to use a site with a good reputation if you’re going to do so. Items such as PoE uniques can really enhance your gameplay experience, and help you to get the build that you have been looking for. The Redblade Band is another aspect of this, so be sure to keep an eye out for the relevant monsters to get your own.

Do you own any of this Path of Exile unique item? Let us know in the comments section below!

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