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Pick the Right Personal Injury Lawyer With These Hiring Tips

Personal injury cases can be a touchy subject. Because many personal injury claims are won or lost on the strength of the evidence, it is important to have a partner who knows how to maneuver through this process from start to finish.

Choosing an attorney for your personal injury case should not be done lightly so take the time to do research and find a legal representative with whom you feel comfortable. There are many ways in which you can go about finding someone suitable for you and your case.

Look For Great Customer Service

Although hiring an attorney doesn’t mean that they instantly know everything there is to know about your case, the fact that they are qualified enough to take on your case means that you should be able to feel comfortable explaining your situation. The lawyers at Custodio & Dubey LLP explain that this is not only because you need to disclose all of the relevant information but also because you need to establish a good rapport between yourself and the lawyer which will help keep things running smoothly once the case begins.

Not all attorneys are the same so it is important to find someone with whom you can communicate well. Look for one who is easy to talk to and has good customer service skills. They will need to be able to answer your questions and remain accessible, especially during the initial investigation phase of your case.

Sources of Help

A search online is one great way to get started when looking for a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury attorneys tend to list themselves in directories that provide information such as their practice locations, contact, years of experience, and types of cases handled. This is a good place to start when looking for the right kind of lawyer for you.

Another way to find an attorney is by asking friends and family members about their experiences with personal injury lawyers. If they have used one in the past, ask if they would recommend them or not, and why. Also, ask what aspect of their performance was most helpful or unhelpful so that you can get more general input before making your final decision.

If you are currently working with an attorney on another case it is also wise to see if they can provide any feedback on other attorneys that might be better suited to handle your claim than themselves. Although this isn’t always possible it could lead to some great referrals that may help save time and money in the long run.

Asking The Right Questions

Once you have narrowed down your list of personal injury attorneys it is time to meet them face-to-face. Choose a meeting spot that is comfortable and ask the attorney a few preliminary questions before going into any details about your case. It’s generally a good idea to keep this first meeting informal since anything too specific will cut back on their ability to answer general questions proactively. The following are some effective ways in which you can start narrowing down your lawyer choices:

  • What percentage of cases do you win? Although it may not be an entirely accurate way of measuring an individual’s abilities, how many times they have been successful with similar cases in the past is at least somewhat indicative of what you can expect in the future.
  • Where do you source your information about my case? Attorneys who conduct thorough research into each case will likely be more successful than those who simply rely on their instinct to guide them through. It is important that your lawyer stays up-to-date with all current laws, procedures, and technological advances so that they can provide the best possible representation for you.
  • Do you charge any extra fees? Negotiate clearly what will be included in your legal costs before signing anything. Common charges are contracting fees, medical reports, filing fees, copying charges, investigation charges, or expert witness fees. After agreeing on your basic costs it is a good idea to ask if there are any other expenses not covered by this initial payment. If your lawyer bills you on top of these initial costs it is best to find this out before your first meeting so that there are no surprises later on.
  • What types of cases do you specialize in? Although it is great that your attorney has experience with personal injury claims it may also be worthwhile to consider lawyers who have a specific area of expertise within this field. For example, many attorneys will focus on accidents involving commercial vehicles, medical malpractice, or car accidents. This can help narrow down your choices and ensure you are getting someone who is truly knowledgeable about your case ahead of time so that there are no uncertainties once the case starts up.
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Hiring an attorney for your personal injury claim can be one of the most important decisions you make during the course of your case. By choosing wisely, knowing what questions to ask, and having some insight into how other people’s cases have gone in the past, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find someone who provides high-quality service at a reasonable cost when representing you in court.

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