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NEW BOOK: Former Buffalo detective Dennis Adams publishes “MOTIVE”

By Teresa Reile

If you’re looking for a real Buffalo story, this book by Dennis Adams is it.  

It’s about a writer working on a book about a group of mostly retired Buffalo detectives fashioned after detectives Adams has known and worked with. Much of the story takes place in the well-known Towne Restaurant on the corner of Elmwood Ave. and Allen St.

If you have eaten at the Towne, you may even have seen Dennis Adams there with his Coterie, as he calls his semi-fictional group of characters in the book. 

The novel centers around the retired detectives that meet at the Towne Restaurant for breakfast on Tuesdays and Fridays. There they reminisce about old times, discuss their families, and share a drink or two. 

The Coterie gets shaken out of retirement when retired homicide chief Joe Morgan announces his grandson was intentionally run down in a hit and run.

The homicide bureau of the police department has closed the case because the guy who did it is deceased. Joe Morgan isn’t satisfied with that and can’t sleep until he finds a motive for this killing. The Coterie jumps into action to help Joe find the motive.

The story is a mixture of police procedure, mystery, and thriller.  

In the events that follow, the Coterie solves three other murders and uncovers a cesspool of corruption within the police department…they also find the motive Joe Morgan was looking for.

The details are shocking, but in the end, all the loose ends get tied and we’re left with the hope of a sequel, which Adams is working on now.  

Adams plans on writing a book for each member of the Coterie.  “Motive” showcases Joe Morgan. 

Dennis Adams may have made his mark as a Buffalo Police Detective, but writing is his new passion. Looking back on his life, Adams reflected on the fact that sometimes one’s purpose in life doesn’t show up until much later, and then it all makes sense. 

Three generations of Police in the Western New York Area

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY Dennis comes from a family of law enforcement. His father was a police officer, his brother is a retired West Seneca police officer with a son who is a narcotics officer in the Buffalo Police Department. Another brother of Dennis’ is a Corrections officer who has a son in the Lackawanna Police department.

“Motive” was a surprise to him.  He figured he would never do it, but when Covid hit, he suddenly had the time on his hands to make his dream of being a writer come true. 

“Motive” is published by NFB Publishing – No Frills Buffalo and you can get it on Amazon, Kindle, Turning Leaves bookstore on Elmwood Ave and Dog Ears on Abbott Road and of course, at the Towne Restaurant.

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