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When it is time to finish everything: five signs

Every relationship has a beginning, and sometimes, no matter how much it hurts, the end. Even if people try to avoid breaking up in every possible way – there is often no escaping from it. Maybe it is the right time to open your eyes and put a period on it? 

Why breed suffering, pain, and hopelessness? Why stay in a doomed relationship when it would be better to cut the Gordian knot? The pointlessness of continuing a romance can be determined by some signs. The experts of will tell you about five signals which should help you to open your eyes. Save yourself before it’s too late, and finally say goodbye to the undignified partner! 

  • She tries to control your social network account.

When it comes to serious love affairs between two adults, trust is one of the most essential things in building a foundation for living together. And for various reasons, there may be cases when your partner loses confidence in you. 

Quarrels begin between two lovebirds, then and the result, in some cases, is the complete control of your partner over your social media accounts. We mean, when your girlfriend has all usernames and passwords from your social networks and, especially, messengers. If this problem is familiar to you – it is a wake-up call that, most likely, your relationship is doomed to fail.

  • She doesn’t talk about the shared future of you two. 

Every person in a committed relationship wants to believe that his beloved one is making plans for the future life as a couple. Simply said, you definitely wish your girlfriend had serious intentions and wants to spend many years together with you. If you and your woman have common goals, dream of beautiful journeys, are ready to have kids – you have nothing to worry about. However, if the things in your couple go in the exact opposite direction – then we have bad news for you. When your lady is not interested in discussing the future – it means she subconsciously sees it with someone else. If you notice such an attitude towards you from your lover – it’s time to think about parting.

  • You keep secrets from each other.

The natural part of every relationship is that partners are open to each other. 

If just a few years ago, you shared everything that happened in your life in detail with your girlfriend, and now you prefer to keep silent or even have secrets – it can’t be a good sign. Have you noticed that your partner is not very eager to talk about her day too? Stop living in a world of illusions since, in both cases, this is not normal and may even indicate the fact of cheating. 

  • She doesn’t support your undertakings.

One of the pillars of the relationship is support. Every loving girl should give her best to inspire her man and help him, and if this is not the case, you can say goodbye to high self-esteem and say hello to the lack of self-belief. There should not be such moments in a relationship, trust us.

  • Abuse.

Abuse, like cheating, cannot be justified by anything. Any kind of mistreat is never something ordinary for a relationship.

Quarrels are initially a good way of expressing negative emotions, saving relationships, and, of course, a couple can’t exist without them. They heal emotional wounds and help open each other’s eyes to current problems. But it should never come to abuse. If your partner makes you feel mistreated – run away from her as far as possible.

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