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How to Emphasize Being a Fast Learner on Your Resume

The truth is, we all want to set ourselves apart from the rest of the job seekers. But in the quest to articulate our quick learning abilities, some of us tend to use vague words that end up becoming cold in the sight of recruiters and hiring managers.

According to Amanda Augustine, a certified professional career coach (CPCC) and TopResume’s career advice expert, the people who have the best chance at getting lost in the shuffle are those who use generic statements.

When expressing being a fast learner on your resume, you want to “show,” not just “tell”. Employers and hiring managers want to read that you’re a “proactive self-starter” or a “great leader,” not an average run-of-the-mill applicant.

Here’s how to emphasize being a fast learner on your resume.

Assess Your Learning Style

First off, you need to analyze your learning style to understand what type of learner you are. Usually, a fast learner is a strategic thinker and a good listener.

A strategic thinker is someone who comes up with numerous solutions to determine the best course of action and solve a problem. Meanwhile, a good listener is someone who gets things done once they learn how to do them.

First learning skills cover a broad set of experiences, including quick adaptability to new environments, the capability to track new industry trends, and the ability to pick up new technical skills.

For example, if you’re able to capture and memorize sounds, you could fall in the category of auditory learners.

By the same breath, if you relate more to visual content, you could be a visual learner who’s able to implement images, graphs, infographics, graphs, flashcards, and such stuff.

Being a fast learner embodies several hard skills that may make your resume stand out from the crowd, including:

·         Communication

·         Research

·         Planning & organizing

·         Project management, etc.

When emphasizing being a fast learner on your resume, remember to tailor your statements to your particular industry. That will help make your career path a success.

You can say something like:

“I was trained in Information Technology (IT) and can do this job in (a few or 3) days. I’ve been lucky to catch up and operate with minimum supervision in most of my jobs.”

As you can see, this statement is more like “bragging”. But, for the most part, it’s mostly fact-reporting and shows that, indeed, you’re quick to learn and perform.

There’s nothing wrong with letting recruiters know that you went from one job to another without training. Employers want their time to be productive, so show them you’re willing to be trained, get the skills, and work.

The secret is to never sell yourself short – all while trying to avoid overselling. Sure, your previous experiences are great, but don’t shy away from telling the truth – and nothing but the truth!

Convey Fast Learning Skills Using a Resume Builder

I can’t stress this enough: it’s very important to customize your resume to each specific job you’re applying to.

One way to organize your resume is by using a professional resume builder, such as ResumeBuilderPro. This online resume builder helps you edit your resume to make it more relevant to a job.

Remember, how the skills section of your resume looks will vary depending upon the format of your resume. You’ll want to add a brief bulleted list at the end of your resume to highlight any skills that show you’re a fast learner.

Because many recruiters use a keyword scanner, ResumeBuilderPro picks the correct synonyms to increase your chances of having your resume noticed. With ResumeBuilderPro, you can tailor your skills section to look something like this:

·         Adept Employee: Instead of calling yourself a “fast learner, say an “adept employee” to convey the same message in a more professional way. This shows you’re able to grasp new concepts and ideas quickly and efficiently.

·         Attentive Learner: If you’re receptive to training, show the recruiters and hiring managers that you have a strong ability to take in directions and learn. This shows that you’re a detail-oriented person.

·         Versatile: A versatile person can do a lot of things. The resume builder gives you this suggestion to help demonstrate your capacity to understand new concepts and apply them correctly.

·         Resourceful: This shows that you’re able to master new employment guidelines and procedures with minimum supervision. This term implies being able to quickly assimilate and embrace new skills and methods.

·         Open to Constructive Criticism: This shows that you accept criticism of your work and use the inputs to raise the quality of your work. It shows employers that you’re willing to learn and make necessary improvements.

Also, it makes the most sense to try other synonyms for “Fast Learner”. ResumeBuilderPro adds context to your skills, educational background, and experiences using direct synonyms like “Quick Learner”.

Here’s an example of how to emphasize being a fast learner for candidates applying for a  job in retail:

 In my previous employment, I learned how to use point of sale and inventory systems from scratch and became an expert in a record 4 weeks. I’m confident that this knowledge will enable me to “quickly learn” any systems used by your organization.

From this example, you’ve illustrated your strengths and shown the employers that you’re a quick learner. 

Inject Some Personality

 “Being smart is not enough – you need to always become smarter,” says Heidi Grant Halvorson, author of Nine Things Successful People Do Differently.

A killer resume should demonstrate that you’re a good fit for the job without acting like some sort of unfeeling robot. Lest you forget: employers hire people – not robots!

Often, they’re interested in hiring people that they can get along with and be able to become a team player. As such, you need to emphasize being a fast learner by injecting both your skills and personality.

By making your resume conversational in tone – and not too formal – you demonstrate being friendly and approachable. This adds a good feeling to your resume and makes it shine.

Here’s an example of how to go about this:

“I read last year’s lecture notes the night before my biochemistry exam. Sure…there were several details to memorize, but I ended up scoring 780 out of a possible 800 in the biochemistry exam. Since almost 99% of my colleagues scored 700 and below, this was one of the highest scores in America—or perhaps the highest. So, this job is no big deal because I have the big picture. That’s all I need. Bring it on. Nothing gets past me”.

—Peter Rogers MD.

Bottom Line

The key to emphasizing being a fast learner on your resume is making the employers want to meet you. Avoid those classically overused catchphrases that recruiters come across from time to time in generic resumes.

Things like: “I’m a team player”, “I’m a fast learner”, and “I’m passionate about…won’t make you stand out from the crowd. Believe me, if you use these phrases to emphasize being a fast learner, your resume will end in the trash.

What’s more, always remember to tailor your resume in line with the language used on the job posting. Steer clear of boring the reader to death, and thoughtfully spill a bit of your personality to get you noticed in a sea of resume mediocrity. I’m sure you can do this, can’t you? 

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