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8 Best Art Colleges & Universities in the US

There are over 300 art colleges in the US. Each of these focuses on encouraging students to tap into their creativity and providing them with opportunities to make a career out of it. However, finding the right one can be quite a challenge.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the most famous art colleges and universities in the US. These offer a diverse variety of art programs and are coveted by both domestic and foreign students.

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Yale University needs no introduction. The quality of its fine arts faculty is not the only reason why it is highly exclusive. In fact, Yale is known for its department but also for medical, business, and law school offerings, among many others. Founded in 1701, this college accepts over 5,000 undergraduate and over 6,000 graduate students every year.

However, this means that the BFA and MFA programs at Yale are also among the most competitive to get into. You might want to impress the admission office with a well-put-together application or get help from one of the write a research paper services to come up with a unique essay. This can be crucial, especially when you are competing with international aspirants for a seat in a prestigious university.

Rhode Island School of Design, Rhode Island

The Rhode Island School of Design offers a multitude of BFA and MFA programs. They have more than forty courses to choose from. These include graphic design, photography, theater management, jewelry making, and plenty more. The faculty are also highly experienced and distinguished. Additionally, the college works with Brown University to offer Dual Degree programs for students.

An interesting aspect here is that this college has made the scores of tests such as SAT and ACT optional while applying. Thus, with an impressive essay curated with the guidance of, along with a good portfolio, you have high chances of getting into this university for pursuing education in art. 

The RISD museum offers this perfect opportunity in Southeastern New England since it hosts seven departments and accommodates thousands of students.

Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia

This college offers over 40 undergraduate and 61 graduate degree programs. The size makes it one of the most popular destinations for art students. The courses are specially designed to offer you opportunities to explore several mediums and concepts. Moreover, the curriculum is also constantly evolving to keep up with the progressive art landscape of the world.

Among the programs offered, SCAD’s Animation course continues to be glorified and has been consistently ranked among the best in the country.

Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland Institute might not offer a long list of art programs as the other colleges in the list. However, all the 20 different art majors taught are highly sought out. Moreover, most of these are interdisciplinary, including interactive design and sculpture. In addition to these, students can also take their pick from a wide range of studio concentrations.

Another aspect that makes Maryland an attractive option is the student-faculty ratio of 8:1. This means that you can get guidance and individual attention from the teachers. 

Moreover, if you want further assistance, there are always educational platforms that provide help on homework online and assist you in accomplishing your academic goals. This can be even more appealing to top international students who want to benefit from their study abroad experience.

School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, Chicago

Even though the establishment of the university was more than 100 years ago, this is now one of the most modern and diverse colleges you will find. Apart from fine art programs, this institute offers BAs in Art History, Visual and Critical Studies, and more.

The location of SAIC is another plus point – well within the heart of Chicago. The campus also includes a prominent art museum, making up the largest college campus in the country.

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Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

Pratt Institute is quite famous for offering a variety of arts programs to international students. These range from fine arts to interior design, architecture, fashion, and graphic design. The academy has also partnered with several prominent colleges across the world. In other words, you will be gaining international exposure and wide opportunities.

Pratt provides you with the perfect recipe for being the right kind of art institute. Here, you will be learning from distinguished and experienced professors in your chosen fields and benefit from a professional curriculum. And, more importantly, you will be studying on a stunning campus in the middle of New York City.

Columbia University, New York

This Ivy League school provides students with an honored art program and the experience of a thriving campus in the middle of New York City. Being a student here can open up tons of opportunities, for instance, the option to network with notable alumni and faculty members.

The art programs offered include painting, sculpture making, photography, printmaking, cinematography, and more.

University of California, Los Angeles

Popularly known as UCLA, this university is home to thousands of students from around the world. The School of the Arts and Architecture allows one to pursue design, media and performance arts, architecture, and several other diverse programs. There are also several interdisciplinary opportunities and research centers accessible to students.

The university celebrates diversity and comes with a large campus. The main challenge would be to get admission here, as you need a compelling application supplemented by a portfolio of your creative work.

Final Words

This is only an overview of some of the best art colleges in the US. Choosing the right art institute can determine your future career path and even the direction you take up in your life. Make sure that you cover all your options before making one of the most important decisions of your life.

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