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Video Editing: The Art Of Crafting Stories

Video editing is not only putting clips together and adding effects. It is the art of creating a cohesive sequence to provide a story that the viewers can follow. Many new editors forget how to build up a story in video production. When this happens, the video will look unorganized with no definite beginning and end – confusing the audience.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most important things to note in creating the perfect story for your videos:

Create The Plot

The first step in creating a successful story is to organize the plot. Talk with the people involved in the project. Discuss the beginning, middle, and end of the video. You can even add surprise elements the audience will not expect or plot twists to have an engaging story. Different videos have different stories to tell. Make sure to align your ideas with the emotions to be portrayed. 

For example, you’re to edit a dramatic video. You need to build up the backstory to make your audience connect to the characters and the video itself. Backstories let them know where the sadness in the story is coming from. It’s unusual to add funny elements to a dramatic video that don’t fit the narrative, so it’s best to keep the plot organized with the emotions needed to be represented.

Direct Your Story

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As an editor, you’re not only tasked with compiling and putting the clips together. You are also the director of the story. Every effect you add to the video will have an impact on the storyline. It’s good to have different experiences outside editing to have more ideas on how you’ll create a compelling storyline and improve the clips through your edits. 

You can go outside and explore the world or even watch different films about life, food, fashion, and more. Having an experienced idea of how the world works will help you understand what your different viewers want.

Be Involved In The Process

Some editors will just wait for the video clips and just edit them. However, if you want to know what each clip represents and how they fit into the whole story, it’s best to be involved in the whole process. You can go to the video shoot areas to have a pre-edit plan, and you’ll edit much faster without reviewing every clip given to you. 

You can even add suggestions on the set with the props to make them more appealing on screen. For example, if you want to elevate a story set in the olden days, you can add some artistic antique furniture. It’s great to research what settings and props are good for a specific scene in your video to make it more believable.

It’s also important to get the video files immediately after shooting scenes to check whether the video and audio quality are good. However, common problems happen when the video scenes can’t be reshoot, especially those with low audio quality or volume. 

If it’s impossible to schedule a reshoot, you just need to deal with the clips at your disposal. You can try some video editing sites and software that can boost video volume online, for example, to help you with the clips.  

Have A Good Video Editor Software

Editing and providing a story is already quite hard. But having good video software will make things easier for you. Look for those with a clear and easy-to-use interface, many effects and transitions, have all the essential tools, and accommodate different video formats. When you have these equipped in your editing software, you won’t have any trouble creating the perfect sequence of events with additional elements to portray the emotions in the story.

Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Magisto – They are known for their smart video maker, where you can edit your videos depending on what video you’ll be doing. They have a fitness video maker, cooking video maker, birthday video maker, and more. 
  • VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 – Some features of this editor: you can import videos, record your screen, get advanced editing features, and export the videos in popular formats across the net.
  • Cyberlink – This editor has applications and software that you can use to edit on whatever device you have.

Don’t Stop Learning

Learning is a lifelong process. In editing, you’ll have different insights from experiences, experts, and people you work with. Make it a habit to keep on researching and improving your craft. Check out new updates on video software and new techniques that you can incorporate into your video stories. Discover art schools that can help you develop more creativity. When you’re equipped with the knowledge, storylines and ideas will come pouring down.

Choose Who You Work With

Video edit projects involve many people – from the casts, scriptwriters, producers, and more. To create a good video, you need to work well with others and choose the right people. There’ll be many offers, but learning to choose who to work with will help you a lot. Work can be hard, but working with the right people will make it fun. Before deciding on who to work with, you can ask for reviews about the potential people you will work with. 

It’s also okay to say no. When you have so many things to finish, you need to prioritize what tasks need to be done first before working again with other people. If work piles up, it’ll be much harder to develop a good story in your edits. Not to mention, the editing quality can end up being subpar.

Strive For Balance In Your Life

Take breaks, set a time to do your hobbies (that’s not video editing!), or even do some exercise. All of these will help you recharge your body and clear your mind so you’ll be able to do more tasks and be more productive. 


Creating videos is more than just compiling clips. It’s an art where you’re the artist. You need the right mind, energized body, and appropriate tools. To have this, you can explore the world for ideas and learnings, and you need to take care of yourself to have the energy and will to start and finish the story you have in your video edits.

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