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Romantic Gifts for Women on Valentine’s Day

While you should appreciate and give love to your significant other all year, Valentine’s Day is a time to take your love to the next level. You should spend the day with your loved one, and show them just how much you enjoy your time with them.

It is customary to give gifts to your loved one on this special day, too. But what should you give your wife and girlfriend as a gift to impress them and make them happy? While there are an endless amount of different options, this article is going to go over a couple good choices that are sure to put a smile on their face and a warm feeling in their heart.


You can never go wrong with giving the gift of flowers on Valentine’s Day. There are many options that range from a fresh bouquet shipped directly from farms, to the flowers that you can find down at the grocery store. No matter your price range or the color, scent or type of flower you are looking for, there are many choices you have.

You can choose based on the preferences of your partner, or even learn more about the meaning behind flowers and choose based on that. This is why the red rose is so popular on Valentine’s Day, because it symbolizes romance, love and passion.

Of course, don’t be scared to mix and match flowers as many can look good next to something else, as long as their colors don’t clash. For example, there are several flowers that look great with roses and can create a stunning Valentine’s Day arrangement.

A Piece of Art

There is no doubting the importance of art at home, and a piece of art can be another unique gift to give your loved one. Art comes in all shapes and sizes, from paintings, to sculptures, to pottery and everything in between. Art can be very affordable and easy to find, while some pieces can be expensive and incredibly intricate.

Be sure to choose something they will enjoy, is in a style they like, and will fit in their space. You could also get something custom-made if you feel like taking things a step further. This could be a custom portrait of their pet from a painter, a drawing of you and them on a beach, or anything else you think would make a great gift.


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A nice box of chocolates is another common choice on Valentine’s Day, and for good reason. They are a tasty treat and there are seemingly a million different options to choose from. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate filled with nuts or fruit can all be found easily.

Other treats like candy and cinnamon hearts can also be great to give. Of course, always be aware of what your loved one enjoys, and if they have any allergies at all. The last thing you want is to accidentally give them something they are allergic to on a day when you are supposed to show them your love and appreciation.

Bubble Bath or Bath Bombs

Unfortunately, stress is a major problem for Americans as many people lead very busy lives and don’t get a lot of time for themselves. People may only have brief periods of time where they can truly let go and relax. For many people, this is a nice evening bath.

For Valentine’s Day, you can make these brief moments of relaxation even better by giving your significant other some bubble bath or a bath bomb. These can make a bath smell amazing, and may also change the color of the water, which can be a fun touch. Other types of beauty products like lotions and face masks can also be relaxing gifts to give, to give your loved one a chance to pamper themselves a little bit.

A Candle

Candles are a very romantic part of many Valentine’s Day dates, and can also make a great gift. Not only do they give off a very subtle light, but come in a wide range of scents. Some may be floral, others will smell like fruit and some can smell like particular seasons or holidays.

If you can think of a scent, there is a good chance that someone makes a candle featuring that scent. A simple Google search will show you dozens of companies selling hundreds of different flowers, which can all smell great to the right person.

As for what kind of candle to get, there are many choices and it will depend on your loved one. You can choose based on their favorite scent, their favorite color or one that you think is interesting. There are also some ways to customize and personalize candles, if you want to take things to the next level. You can often decide the scent of these candles, but also the containers they come in and the photo or label on it.

A Spa Day

While a bubble bath and some bath bombs are great for stress and relaxation, another option is to gift your loved one a spa day. Many spas will offer a gift card that allows you to either choose the service to give them, or simply pre-load a card and let them choose what they want to enjoy.

This spa day could include a manicure, a pedicure, a massage, a facial or even some combination of these lovely and relaxing services. This can allow them to take some time to themselves and enjoy a break from an otherwise hectic life. You can be sure that after their day at the spa, they will feel relaxed and be very grateful for your gift.

Any of these romantic gifts are sure to put a smile on the face of your wife or girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Of course, these are far from the only options, so feel free to get something that doesn’t appear on this list if you feel your partner will enjoy it.

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