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4 Types of chests and how to use them

Sometimes browsing furniture collections can seem like looking at a formal dining place setting and trying to figure out what all of the extra little forks, spoons, and knives are for. Today’s bedroom sets go far beyond the basics of bed, nightstand, and dresser. Most furniture collections also offer other optional pieces, including chests of various types. 

The most common pieces offered in the most popular bedroom sets include armoires, wardrobes, media chests, and more. But it can be difficult to tell from a picture alone how these pieces are supposed to be used in the bedroom. If you are looking at a furniture set and aren’t sure how to use these different types of chests on sale, this brief guide will give you a place to start.

Chest of drawers vs dressers

Have you always wondered what is the difference between a chest of drawers or a dresser? Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are actually quite different. A dresser is a bank of drawers with a top suitable for mounting a dresser mirror. 

There are usually drawers of varying sizes, with some drawers being felt lined to protect delicate items. A dresser is usually used to store accessories and seasonal items rather than daily clothing storage.

On the other hand, a chest of drawers will be taller and narrower with deep drawers for easy clothing organization. This is much more appropriate for frequently used clothing, undergarments, and other items you use on a daily basis. Since it is taller, you can’t mount a mirror to a chest of drawers.

Armoire vs wardrobe

This is another type of furniture in which the terms are used interchangeably but are distinctly different. If your only knowledge of this type of furniture is The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by Louis Carrol, you probably don’t know what the difference is between a wardrobe and an armoire. Now that these pieces of furniture are coming back into fashion, it’s important to understand the difference and how each is used.

The most distinct differences between the two are:

  • An armoire is taller and sometimes wider than a wardrobe.
  • Both a wardrobe and an armoire have a rod for hanging clothing, but the armoire will also have shelves. 
  • The armoire is also more likely to offer drawers.

As a general rule, a wardrobe is best for storing formal wear and accessories that are used only for special occasions. If you want storage for out-of-season clothing and accessories, an armoire will be much more appropriate.

Storage chests meet bedroom benches for modern storage solutions

Hope chests may have gone by the wayside, but storage chests and trunks are still very useful. If you have a more modern bedroom and don’t want to ruin the look with a vintage storage chest, a bedroom bench with a storage chest hidden inside is the latest replacement for the old steamer trunks of old. 

Media chests are the newest addition to the traditional bed set

As you might suspect, media chests are just that – a place to store, display, and use all of the media you want to keep in your bedroom. Now that people are using their bedrooms as an escape from the pressures of life and family, having a way to incorporate digital entertainment without ruining the aesthetic of the room is highly desirable. 

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