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Things You Need to Look at While Opting for an LMS

When an organization looks to conduct online training for its employees, the first tool that pops up in mind is a learning management system. A learning management system is widely used in the corporate industry because of the number of benefits it brings to the table. With an LMS, you don’t need to worry about content alignment, tracking the progress, or providing the assessments for the learners as it manages all these aspects. In simple words, an LMS makes life easy for the course organizers and the learners.

Many organizations while opting for an LMS overlook some of the features and specifications as they believe that every LMS offers the same. To some extent it’s true but there are some differences in each LMS. Also, while opting for an LMS, you need to understand the goals and objectives of your learning program and know how the tool can help your training in the first place. To help you better with this, we have listed down a few features and specifications you need to look at while opting for an LMS.

1)Ease of use:

Any software tool that you use should have a good user interface. For instance, look for all the social media apps you use on your mobile, almost all of them have a good user interface. You are using a particular app consistently because it is easy to use. The same thing applies to an LMS too, if your users can easily access the content with technical support then it makes the job easy for everyone. Users will also be more interested to learn.


Customization is important for any tool you opt for your organization. You should be able to leverage the tool depending on your needs and requirements. For instance, you should be able to integrate brand elements to align them with your image. Likewise, when it comes to training, your learners should be able to choose their modules and online training activities.

3)SCORM Compliance:

If your learning management system is SCORM compliant, then you can easily migrate all the data from one LMS to the other without any issues. With SCORM compliance, you can resume the content from your last watch, and also upgrade it. The other important use of SCORM compliance is it can track the data of the user which can prove to be a good parameter to track the progress.

4)Reporting and analytics:

Reporting can analytics play a huge role in adjusting and making necessary changes to your online training strategy. These important training metrics and stats help you to find out the efficiency of your training program and how you can make it better. You can get insights into each and every aspect of the training, like time spent on watching recorded videos, attendance, and course completion rates, etc. With these data on individual aspects of training, you can make changes accordingly.


Your learners should be able to access the learning content on mobiles and tablets along with desktops. With remote learning, mobile learning becomes important as it is convenient and affordable. Full functionality should exist in mobile too, same as like the desktops. With mobile learning, users can learn from anywhere and anytime as mobiles are easy to carry.


Let’s be frank, most of your employees are reluctant to train as they feel it’s boring and not engaging enough. In such scenarios, gamification could be the savior. It makes the learning fun and engaging with interactive elements like points, rewards, leaderboards, and badges, etc. It creates a healthy competition among the learners as they compete with each other on leaderboards. In this way, you can make the learning process exciting.


You want an LMS that keeps your data confidential and highly secure especially during the fee payments. You should look for a robust LMS that keeps all your data highly protected. Some factors you need to consider are who would have the location of data storage and who can have access to what data etc. 


To wrap up, finding an LMS that suits your needs and fits in your budget is tough but with enough research, you should be able to get one. We hope this article helps you understand what you should look for while opting for an LMS.

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