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Should You Try Mixed Media Art?

Want to try something new as an artist? You need to take a look at what the world of mixed media art can offer you. Find out more here!

If you think you are in a bit of an artistic rut, or you just want to try something new entirely, you should think about trying mixed media art. This could be a great little deviation whilst your work to get your passion back for another medium, or it could be something that you fall in love with and decide to pursue more seriously. With gel pens, paints, pencils, and more awaiting you, this could be something that you end up really enjoying!

What is Mixed Media Art?

As can maybe be discerned from the title, mixed media art is that which is made up of multiple mediums. You might decide to use paints, pencils, photography, or even more unconventional methods to create the art piece. Don’t think that you have to get new supplies to try it out – you could just use the gel pens you use for coloring and other items that you might have around your home!

You can create some really interesting and unique art pieces if you decide to engage with mixed media art. Even just using graphite pencils and ink pens could be considered mixed media art – so you might have been engaging in this type of art since you were a small child trying art projects without even realizing it! It can be a great way to revive an art piece that you thought ruined, or it could be just an interesting experiment to introduce you to the medium.

What Tools Can I Use for a Mixed Media Project?

When it comes to creating mixed media projects, you are limited only by your imagination! Some of the most common options out there include pencils, paints, pens, and textiles, but you will really be able to use anything that you can image. One of the beautiful parts of a mixed media project will always be that you can use whatever you might have to hand!

What is a Gel Pen’s Features?

If you want to add a pen into the mix, consider gel pens! They can be used for everything from color-blocking to line work. Using the best white gel pen to create an outline on black paper could create a very striking piece of art. While you might be tempted to reach for felt tips, try gel pens instead!

What are Paint’s Key Feature?

Most people will likely reach for paints when they first want to try mixed media art. These are a great option as they will allow you to block in your colors quickly. There are several types of paints that you could experiment with. Watercolors, oils, and acrylics are some of the most popular!

What are Pencils’ Key Features?

Another popular option will always be colored pencils. They can be used to outline and shade on top of another medium, creating depth and some wonderful texture throughout the piece. Try using colored pencil on top of your art next time you paint.

Who are the Famous Mixed Media Artists?

Of course, any school of art and technique will have its own collection of famous names that you can draw inspiration from. By examining their artworks, you might gain a greater understanding of this style, and work out some of the ways that you could apply it to your own creations.

One of the most famous artists of them all, Pablo Picasso, dabbled in mixed media with his cubist collage. Make sure you also take a look at Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Finnabair, and David Fullarton amongst others. There are so many amazing artists to explore here!

Mixed media art is a great way to break free of some of the limitations that you might feel from being stuck with one medium. Be as measured and careful or as crazy as you want – there is plenty to explore! 

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