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Best Cigar Humidor Brands

There is nothing classier than a high-quality cigar, matching style, flavor, and aroma. But, these can be an investment, and the higher the grade they come in, the more money you spend. Why would you spend a significant amount only for the cigars to go stale or dry?

A humidor comes in handy to provide your cigars with a safe and favorable environment to retain quality over time. But, to reap the benefits of one, you have to invest in high-quality, functional cigar humidor brands. 

Here are some of the best you can consider. 

Elie Bleu

Elie Bleu is a renowned brand specializing in cigar humidors, cigar lighters, and other cigar accessories. The cigar humidors Elie Bleu caters to a range of style preferences to meet individual needs. 

If you fancy colorful, striking designs or plain, classic designs, there is something to choose from Elie Bleu. The humidors come in various collections, each featuring unique styles to match varying needs. 

You can choose from the Alba Collection, the Fruit Collection, the Classic Collection, and the Medals collection. You can get a custom-made design to match a theme from their specialty collection. 


Savoy humidors feature different handcrafted designs in various sizes to meet individual needs. These have a unique touch with the earthy tones they come in. You can choose from the light tones or choose a deep-toned humidor to match your aesthetic. 

The good thing is that Savoy humidors are available in different classes for various budgets. You can choose from the standard collection if you need a functional humidor to keep your cigars fresh. 

If you want a mix of style and functionality, you can choose from the Executive edition of cigar humidors. Each humidor comes with a humidification source and a hygrometer to monitor the conditions and ensure optimal humidity at all times. 

Havana Humidors

Havana humidors are known for their high-quality build and functionality. These are available for every budget so you can be sure to find a suitable one. You can choose from their standard collection, especially if you are looking for a simple option to store your cigars conveniently. 

If you want a little fancy to match your class and style, you can choose a suitable design from the special editions. Whether you like plain, small humidors, or large statement designs to display, Havana Humidors have various options. 

Daniel Marshall

Daniel Marshall humidors are some of the unique brands in the US. They are widely known for their eye-catching designs, making them the perfect gift for a cigar lover. The style intrigued Dunhill acquiring the designs to create Dunhill humidors for the US market. 

The humidors have grown in popularity, and even though they are some of the most sought after by dignitaries, they remain pretty affordable for regular cigar lovers. There are more; special edition humidors that you can invest in if you want a unique piece to match your style. 

These are some of the best cigar humidors on the market. Thanks to their variety in sizes, designs, and price points, there is something for every cigar lover. And, they have proven to function effectively, keeping cigars in the best conditions. 

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