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Ambrose #12: Hurwitz – the Wolf of Cohen and Wolf — ‘I’m the Guardian ad Litem; My Name Is Jocelyn Smite-em’

This is the Ambrose Papers #12.

When Karen Riordan was first represented in her disastrous [for the children] custody and divorce battle with Chris Ambrose, the disgraced Hollywood TV screen writer and suspected pedophile, she had an attorney named Richard Callahan.

Karen Riordan with her son Sawyer

At one point Callahan and Ambrose’s attorney, the sidewinder Nancy Aldrich, smelling blood on the water, decided on a plan to divvy up the Ambrose money fair and square – not fair for the divorcing parties – but fair for themselves.

Richard Callahan – may sell you out if you choose to retain him.
Don’t bother to look for a picture of Aldrich online. She is invisible. In a future post I will discuss why this is so.

Now you can find a picture of most lawyers online but not Nancy Aldrich. I will discuss this further. Meantime if anyone has a picture of her, please send it me at Please no spyware attached. Thank you.

To rake in the big bucks – which they smelled in this case – for you see Ambrose has money and the mother was devoted to her children – they needed a guardian ad litem to guard their [not the children’s] interest.

A guardian ad litem (GAL) is appointed by the court supposedly to represent the best interests of children in legal proceedings.

The attorneys for Ambrose and Karen got together and chose the notorious wolf of Cohen and Wolf, Jocelyn Hurwitz.

From the start of this series, I asserted that the reason the children were removed from their mother who raised them from infancy- is that the father, Chris Ambrose, has the money. He literally stole the marital assets from his wife.

The guardian ad-Hurwitz sides with the side that pays and boy did she get paid.

Of course it helps when the mother won’t give up. That is needed. If the ad-Hurwitz simply gave the children to the father without a fight from Karen Riordan, the mother – where would the billings be?

No, you need a good parent and you need to hand the children to the bad parent – so long as he pays, and you need the good parent to  put up a fight so that she will try to stop the suffering of her children forced to stay with the bad parent.

Perfection was achieved in the Ambrose-Riordan case.

First let us look at how these rascals communicate with each other.

From: Nancy Aldrich <>

Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 5:17 PM

Subject: RE: Ambrose v. Ambrose

To: Hurwitz, Jocelyn B. <>, Richard Callahan <>


Rich is at a Billy Joel concert (lucky him!) so he can’t respond tonight. We do need you in on this case asap, so send us your retainer letter and my client will pay your fees since he has accounts. And we are in court on the 5th to report that we have a GAL so I don’t know if you have to go or just submit that new form they require.


The wolf wrote:

From: Hurwitz, Jocelyn B. <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 5:10 PM

To: Nancy Aldrich <>; Richard Callahan <>

Subject: RE: Ambrose v. Ambrose

No conflict.


Now let’s review this communication. It says much more than the few sentences would lead one to believe. I will make my comments in [bold and brackets. You will note that Aldrich, Ambrose’s attorney, copied Callahan, Karen’s attorney, on this — because the two are in cahoots.]:

Rich [Karen’s attorney, who conspires with Ambrose’s attorney to maximize billings for both] is at a Billy Joel concert (lucky him!). [see how friendly the attorneys are.] so he can’t respond tonight. We do need you in on this case asap, [ASAP because they want to turn on the spigot for billings ASAP – because Karen had primary custody of the children then] so send us your retainer letter and my client [Ambrose] will pay your fees since he has accounts. [Because he stole them from Karen. And bingo – this told wolf Hurwitz everything she needed to know. These are big boys and girls. They know that money makes the world go round. Aldrich told Hurwitz that her client has the money; she knows and Callahan knows what this means: it means Hurwitz is being assigned to make sure Karen loses the children so the conflict rages and the billings delight the attorneys. Readers, you too must be big boys and girls – this is how Family Court works in Connecticut.] And we are in court on the 5th to report that we have a GAL [Guardian Ad Litem] so I don’t know if you have to go or just submit that new form they require.


From: Hurwitz, Jocelyn B. <>

Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 5:10 PM

To: Nancy Aldrich <>; Richard Callahan <>

Subject: RE: Ambrose v. Ambrose

No conflict. [What ‘no conflict’ means ostensibly is that her law firm, the ravenous Cohen and Wolf, have no conflict of interest in representing the children based on prior representation of the parents or anyone adverse to the parents.  But what it really means is that the wolf Hurwitz will seek to provoke every kind of conflict and in so doing, bill the ever living daylights out of the father – and of course find in his favor every inch of the way. It’s a quid pro quo.] 

Next, I am going to show you the retainer letter Hurwitz got the gullible mother and the streetwise father to sign. At the time she signed it Karen who had always taken care of the children every day of their lives with a largely absent father never dreamed it would wind up in a no contact order for her and her children.

Note how Hurwitz uses the language of minimums – when maximums are what this wolf has in mind.

Here is some of the clever language she used in her retainer with my comments in [brackets and in bold.]

Re: Christopher Ambrose vs. Karen Ambrose AL Engagement

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose:

It is my understanding that you have reached an agreement to appoint me as Guardian ad Litem for your minor children Matthew, Mia and Sawyer, and that the Court has accepted that agreement. I am willing to accept this appointment, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

It is our hope that this Retainer Agreement will represent the beginning of a mutually satisfactory relationship. [satisfactory for whom?]…

You are aware that a new statute was enacted as of October 1, 2014 that specifically addresses certain aspects of the work to be performed by a Guardian ad Litem or Attorney for a Minor Child (the “Statute”). The terms of this Agreement specifically supersede certain aspects of the Statute. [can this be legal — can one contract to supersede the law?]

You should discuss this provision with your counsel if you have questions about the specific provisions of the Statute and how the terms of this Agreement might impact our work together. [The statute she wants the parents to waive is that the guardian has to get court approval for billable activities.]

The Statute provides that as Guardian ad Litem, I can only engage in activities specifically ordered by the Court. We agree that in connection with my work in your case, I shall engage in the following activities [whether court ordered or not]:

1. I will engage in at least one (but possibly more than one) [maybe many more] office meeting with you….

2. I will require at least one meeting with your children, and I may request additional meetings, depending upon the issues in your case. [The wolf has met with the children four times but has billed for more than 400 hours]….

While I am involved in your case, I may ask to engage in additional activities [you bet your life] in order to investigate information that is brought to my attention along the way. In the event that you disagree with a request that I make in this regard, we agree to allow the Court to decide whether I will engage in any such additional activities. [Karen has disagreed many times; Ambrose has never disagreed, so the wolf Hurwitz has been paid.]….

Your cooperation will include… making your children available to me from time to time so that I may develop a relationship with them and ultimately opine on the issue of their best interests. It is important to remember that I do not represent you. [or the children for that matter]…

You have agreed to pay a $7,500.00 retainer, which we will credit toward the fees to be incurred. My work in your case will commence upon my receipt of the full retainer payment described above…. The retainer we have requested has been determined by a number of factors, and does not represent our estimation of the total fees to be incurred in your case. [That is the most truthful thing wolf Hurwitz ever said.]….

During the course of my work, I will expect that you periodically replenish your retainer…. At least sixty (60) days prior to trial, you agree to bring your bill with my office current, and to pay an additional $7,500.00 retainer toward my trial preparation and attendance. [She has billed more than $180,000 so far – more than 20 times the original retainer] If your case concludes or my role terminates for any reason [which won’t happen] and we are holding retainer monies in our trustee account, we will refund those unused monies… [I am willing to wager this has never happened.]….

It is impossible at this time to determine the amount of time that will be needed to complete this case. [But it will be lots and lots of hours.] It may be necessary to have various professionals in this office perform services in your case. [You bet.] You hereby authorize us to appoint members of our staff to work on your case in our sole discretion. [This is open sesame for billings]….

We will use our best judgment, in our discretion, to assign attorneys and staff personnel to your case. [Best judgement = maximum billings.] Billed time includes, among other things, all time spent on your case including conferences with you and others; intra-office conferences; telephone calls; pretrial discovery; trial preparation; drafting and review of documents, memoranda, correspondence, e-mail messages and pleadings; negotiations; legal research; court time and travel to and from locations away from our office.

My hourly rate is presently $500.00 per hour. I will charge a discounted rate of $400.00 per hour in this matter….

Let’s Look at Some Billings

Note the guardian ad-Hurwitz rarely sees the children.

Note that the father pays her.

Chris Ambrose clever father, accused of sexually abusing his children.

Note further that this wolf in guardian’s clothing has billed more than $180,000 and has seen the unhappy children a total of four times for a total of about 3 hours.

Yet she decided they should leave the mother they want to be with and not even be allowed to see her or speak with her on the phone and live with their father – a man they refer to as ‘P” – for Pinocchio – because he lies so much.

Now you may doubt that the children want to be with their mother. You may think that two 14-year-old’s and an 11 year old should have no say in who they want to be with. I disagree.

Mia is 14. She will be 15 in January.  She is also a talented poet and though her father will likely punish her for her poetry, she is so talented that I want to encourage her poetry by publishing it.


By Mia 

be safe mama

I miss you so much

I’m so sad

I hope I can see you at my birthday

I keep crying

I don’t want it to be another whole year without you.

I love you so much, mama


Here is another she wrote about me. And I know her dad will go ballistic because he took her internet and her phone away. She is not supposed to see my writings because – he claims – it is hurting her.

But it is hard to keep a nearly 15 year old girl from finding things online.

Before I present her wonderful poem, I want to repeat that she refers to her adopted father, the one she never knew while growing up, but the one who pays the wolf Hurwitz, as “P”.

P stands for Pinocchio.

Frank’s stands for the Frank Report.

Home means wherever her mother is.

Here is her poem:

Mia wants to go home – home being with her mother. For a long time nobody would listen, but now people are paying attention.

I Am Not the Liar

by Mia

I read Frank’s

He believes me.

I told my friend he believes me

and he will bring me home.

P tells them all

I’m the liar.

When he’s the liar.

I love and miss you so much, be safe mama


The Wolf Doesn’t Understand Love

It’s appetite is too ravenous to understand anything subtle about life.

One time, Karen took Mia to the hospital for suspected appendicitis. It looked like they would need to stay overnight and not be available for a meeting with Hurwitz the next day which she could bill for.

Karen sent a message to the wolf at 11:10 pm saying she was still waiting for the doctors to say whether Mia was OK or not. Mia was in great pain.

The wolf wanted to be able to bill the next day so she wanted hard proof.

Karen sent pictures of Mia in the hospital room:

The wolf sent back a fine reply:

“I’m not sure why you sent this.  I don’t need a picture.  I would like to speak to the medical professionals.  Thank you.”

Note: not a word to the worried mother – like – “Oh I am so sorry your child is in the hospital.” Not one word of sympathy.

My Poetry

In the same vein as Mia, I tried my hand at poetry.  Adelman is the judge Gerald Adelman who enforces the no contact order for the mother and the children.

The Two Foolish Conspirators

Hurwitz and Adelman went up the hill

to fetch a pail of Ambro$e.

RICO came down and broke her crown

And Adelman came tumbling after.

And here is my second poem:

The Ballad of Jocelyn Hurwitz

I’m the guardian ad litem
And my name is Jocelyn Smite-em
I racketeer for my pay
You ugly chillun’
I’ll lease you in May


Yo papa is rich
I’m gonna be a bitch
Yo mama is poor
You don’t get to see her

She’ll fight, she’ll fight
She’ll fight in court
Tell her next time she should abort


He’ll defend. He’ll defend
I’ll grift and wend.
My billings will upend.

The marital assets will be mine
And the kids won’t be fine
But I don’t give a damn
Because I’m on his dime.

We’ll eat we’ll drink we’ll laugh and sing.
The dirty children will feel the sting.
We’ll have it all, I’m rich you see
By robbing other families.

Don’t let me hear you children whine
Your father may be slime
But he pays on time.
And my life’s divine.

I’m the guardian ad litem
My name is Jocelyn Smite-em.
When parents see me come
They better start to run.

Happy Days!

RICO? You Bet!

How this will all end, I predict, will be with criminal charges against a number of these conspirators.

The latest news, which we will cover in one of our next stories, is how Ambrose is trying to get the judge to arrest Karen for allegedly speaking to me. That will be a brilliant move on their part and ensure this will make national news. I guarantee that the New York Times, the New York Post, the Daily Mail, the Sun, and 100 other publications, who normally would not cover family law matters, will pick this up the moment Judge Adelman issues an arrest warrant for a mother denied the right to speak to her children – because she allegedly spoke to the media! It’s a great story since the children accuse the father of pedophilia, which – I tend to believe children when they make these claims – is most likely true.

Stay tuned for Part #13, which I promise you will be a whopping good spanking for these rascals who keep a mother from her children for no reason but money and in defiance of all natural law. These damnable creatures will not escape His wrath. Be assured.


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