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Arts And Craft Budget-Friendly Ideas For Card Making

 We hope these budget-friendly ideas for handmade cards will be helpful to you if you enjoy sending cards to friends and family. Using materials you already have around your home, these unique cards offer a personal touch that your loved ones will appreciate. 

There are a ton of ways to save money and be creative, from love notes to handmade Christmas cards.

Make a Card With Free Fonts

Keep your costs down by downloading free fonts. Browse some cool styles such as free typewriter fonts and calligraphy fonts or go to my favorite THINGS (MFT) for some great ideas. Once you’ve printed your message, decorate it with some colorful papers. 

A plain card can be dressed up by adding a piece of scrapbook paper beneath the printed message. For a vintage look, distress the edges with a brown rubber stamp. Because you only need a blank card and some pretty scrapbook paper, this card costs less than a dollar.

Save on Rubber Stamps

Your own stash may contain some amazing rubber stamps. You can also check out my favorite things (MFT) to see what they have available. In many cases, you can find stamps for less than a dollar if you are flexible about the message and design. If you are planning to try new styles, ask a friend to lend you a stamp. 

The stamped design is the focal point of this card. You may also add more style by layering scraps of paper and borders. The overall cost depends on the stamp you get and the scraps you have, but it won’t exceed five dollars.

Keep Some Generic Cards on Hand

You can use the same cards for multiple occasions if they have a simple design. Simply stamp the appropriate sentiment on your card, and you are done when you need a card quickly. You can also use MFT stamps to get it done. It’s that simple!

Woodland Edges/Etsy  

Store monthly file folders in a storage box. Your cards should be prepared in advance and stored in the file folder for the appropriate month. The cards should be mailed at the beginning of each month. There is no need to rush!

A Ribbon Hack

Card designs can be complemented with ribbons, but you may find that the ends fray after a while. It is easy to fix this problem by painting the ends with clear nail polish. There will be no fraying!

Foam Tape Trick

Have you run out of dots or foam tape in the middle of making a card? Not to worry. If you do not have a foam board, cut a rectangular piece of foam board and attach it to the card background using glue. You’re done!

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