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How to Make Money on the Side as a Costume Designer

You’re willing to do fashion design for others, and you don’t know where to go with that desire. You like doing things in your own way, but the problem is that if no one hires you for a job, you have no money to eat. 

You need some sort of income to get going on being a freelancer. 

Here are some great tips for how you can pull everything together and launch your career as a freelance fashion designer. 

What is Freelancing all About?         

First of all, what exactly is ‘freelancing’? Freelancing basically means that you will design items that are sold to different companies or production centers that want to outsource the making of their products from home-based designers just like yourself! 

How Do I Get my Foot in the Door?           

You need to start with a plan. If you already have some fashion sketches, make a portfolio book and show it to people who work in textile-manufacturing companies. Make sure that the layout of your portfolio is neat and professional-looking. The fashion editor for ‘Seventeen’ magazine suggests: “Create a folder or binder that looks like it belongs on an editor’s desk,” she says. “Make sure it’s clean and not scuffed up.” Also, consider making business cards so people will remember how to contact you when they see your designs again! Those are all great tips because editors love seeing well-organized portfolios, especially ones that include samples of other things such as business cards, fabric swatches, and product packaging with your name printed on it! 

What Will I Need to do to be Successful?          

Becoming a successful fashion designer is not as easy as it sounds. You need an almost inhuman amount of patience because you will spend most of the time just waiting for someone to reply to you. Many times, people go online and complain that they want a job now! But truth be told, freelancers don’t have time or desire to look at each person’s portfolio, so there might be months when you won’t get any replies. Besides this downside, if you are good at networking with everyone around you (friends & family), focus more on building relationships with the right people. A lot of their contacts will approach you to see your work and finally hire you. 

Here are some quick tips to start earning money on the side:      

Organize a Clothing Market       

This is one of the more expensive forms of selling clothes, but it’s also one of the most exciting. Setting up a stall in a popular market and letting people come to you may bring in big money if you have something unique or made from exotic material. A country festival is a great way to get started with this idea since there are sure to be plenty of visitors looking for something new and different to wear on their holiday weekends.  

Check out local festivals throughout the year in your area, then organize them by making friends with designers or tailors similar events. You might even be able to convince some people to rent you a stall at their markets for free if they enjoy your look or your attitude. Using MRP software will help you manage all your inventory and material as you travel from place to place.  

Start Designing Clothes Online         

Another great way to market clothes is to design them and sell them online. It’s simple enough these days to set up an e-commerce site where customers can come directly to you, find what they’re looking for, and buy it without having to wait for shipping. Pieces that are custom made may offer better chances of selling than clothing that has already been mass-produced, but there are opportunities in both types of business so long as you have something unique about your style. People will always want something new and different, especially since most websites require customers to use PayPal accounts, which only gives the option to purchase items in stock.  

Make a YouTube Channel for Fashion Advice      

YouTube is an enormous website with thousands of channels dedicated to specific interests. Millions of people visit the site every day to get their daily dose of entertainment from other users, and if you can make a name for yourself as someone who knows how to dress well, you’ll have all the attention you need to succeed. You can show off new outfits on camera or give tips to other people trying to find their own style while showing them where they might go wrong. Many large companies will actually pay small amounts each time you put up a video because it brings traffic back to their websites while also promoting them positively. It’s good practice for cosmetic surgery marketing.   

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