Artwork by Arnaud Liard, 30 avril 2020, photo courtesy Artsper
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A Guide to Collecting Art Online with Artsper

As we spend more of our time at home, creating a space that feels aligned with your style is more important than ever. Artsper, the online fine art startup, is here to help. With a selection of over 170,000 artworks from 25,000 artists, the platform has something for everyone. Today, there’s no need to run around to different galleries, it’s easier than ever to access fine art in just a few clicks…

Whether you’re interested in buying art for its investment potential, in order to support local artists, or just simply because it’s your taste, this guide to collecting art online with Artsper will help!

Step 1: Find your medium

Between painting, photography, sculpture, prints and more… there’s a lot to choose from on Artsper. Think of your favorite artists and artworks. Maybe you’re drawn to bright works by Takashi Murakami, in which case a Pop Art print is the way to go. If you adore black-and-white photographs by Carrie Mae Weems, explore Artsper’s photography selection.

Step 2: Set your budget

Budget is a legitimate consideration for every art buyer. With Artsper’s price filter, it’s easy to see your options at each price point. If you have a strict budget, stick to it! There’s money-saving options to choose from, like choosing a print of a favorite artwork instead of the original. Buying from emerging artists rather than famous artists is the best way to both save some money and support someone early in their career. 

Step 3: Personalize the process

In choosing your final piece on Artsper, it’s important to consider how it will fit into your life. Where will you be placing the piece? What size works in that space? A painting for a living room may look different than a painting for a bedroom and Artpser has filters to view pieces by size. What purpose do you want the artwork to serve? Do you want a tranquil abstract landscape to take your mind off of your busy life, or instead a bustling city scene to remind you of a favorite place? Once you’ve thought about how an artwork will exist in your environment and love the outcome, it’s time to buy! Artsper has extensive themed collections of artworks to help you find what speaks to you.

An expert tip? Take notes throughout the process. If you love a work but it’s not quite right for your next purchase, add it to your favorites and consider it for your next project!

Step 4: Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Still haven’t decided what kind of art is best for your home? Try using Artsper’s free art advisory service! Their experts can help you acquire the piece you’ve had your eye on, or discover something new entirely. Artsper also has an online magazine, filled with analyses of the art market and more inspiration. To discover more art and complete your collection, check out!

Delia Ruiz Malo “My Jungle,” 2020 – photo courtesy Artsper

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