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How To Easily Become More Productive At Work throughout The Day

It is essential to take regular breaks throughout the day. While it may seem to be a counterintuitive action, short breaks during the day help to boost your concentration, memory, and creativity. When you force yourself to work for long hours at a time it leads to exhaustion, stress and decision fatigue. You want to maximize your overall efficiency while at work by taking frequent breaks to help refuel and refresh your mind. 

Go Ahead Eat The Frog 

Mark Twain was quoted as saying you should eat the frog first thing in the morning and nothing else bad will happen to the rest of the day. Brian Tracy created a technique known as “eat the frog“, which is based upon this very quote. The “frog” in your case is going to be the most essential task of your day. This is typically the task that you will procrastinate on throughout the day if you do not do it right at the start of the day. The key to reaching the highest level of productivity and performance is the development of lifelong habits and tackling your major task every single morning. So what happens when you have more than one important task sitting on your desk? Brian Tracy suggests that you simply eat the ugliest frog first. Simply meaning that you need to take the most challenging and difficult task and get it out of the way quickly. Every single morning when you start work you have to discipline yourself to get started immediately and not stop until the task has been completed. 

Single Tasking As Opposed To Multitasking 

Despite what you may have heard, the human brain is not designed to multitask. In fact, several studies have shown that multitasking reduces the amount of productivity by almost 40%. This is due to the fact that when we switch between various tasks, our focus begins to lessen. During this process are stress levels increase, memory fades and we suffer from mental fatigue. So the next time you are trying to boost your overall productivity, focus on one single task. There are also tools such as TrackTime24 that help to ensure you do not get lost in time. Additionally, try to not take on too many responsibilities at one time and always choose priority responsibilities first and foremost. 

The Two Minute Rule 

David Allen wrote about in his best-selling book getting things done, that there needs to be a two minute rule. Basically, this rule states if you have a task that would take two minutes or less, you should do it as soon as possible. Simple chores such as doing the dishes, making your bed, or responding to emails all take less than two minutes and can be done quickly and easily. The specific time management strategy will help to improve your overall productivity for the elimination of procrastination and allow you to accomplish more singular tasks throughout the day. 

Planning The Night Before 

Creating a to do list is one of the best productivity tools you can have. These lists will help you stay focused and organized throughout the day. You can start by jotting down at least three things you want to accomplish throughout the day the night before. When you create a to do list before going to bed it is going to give you that much-needed head start on the morning as you already have a plan in mind for the day. However, do not try to add too much to your list, keep it to a minimum of 2 to 3 tasks. Every to do list that you create must remain simple and realistic. When he plays too many tasks on a simple to do list it becomes overwhelming to accomplish anything. 

Taken Advantage Of Your Commute Time 

Many people simply spend their time commuting to and from work on social media sites. Why not take this time and read a thought-provoking book or a potentially inspiring blog post. There are multiple apps that are available that will allow you to use this time constructively. Or, you can simply use this time to respond to emails and plan for important tasks. 

Become Better Organized 

Research has shown that individuals who have a messy workspace tend to be less efficient than those with a more organized workplace. Believe it or not, having a messy desk will inhibit your brain’s ability to process information and concentrate according to productivity expert Peter Helch. He suggests that this therefore, leading to more fatigue and stress in your life. If you’re looking to improve your mental health as well as efficient work methods, start by simply decluttering your desk. Helch advises you trash anything that is not essential to your daily tasks and assign specific places for everything. One of the best ways to do this without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted you simply start cleaning every day before you leave. This will allow you to get your workplace situated in an efficient manner without being overwhelmed. 

The Elimination Of Digital Distractions I

t is estimated that the average American will spend nearly 1/4 of their entire workday on social media for non-work related material. While it necessarily is not a bad thing to take a quick peek at your Facebook or Twitter feed throughout the day, constantly checking your phone for updates wrecks havoc with your productivity. One must set a specific time limit that they can spend on social media sites throughout the day. It is also wise to disable notifications and keep your phone running on silent mode.

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