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Why Should You Work At a Startup?

You have graduated from college, certificate-in-hand, with several job offers on the table with a choice to make. One is a good-paying entry job at a big brand in your field, and the other is a job offer from a startup in its infancy.

You can see their product, you share their vision, and you love their structure, but you aren’t certain about taking a startup job. Leaning towards a better-paying corporate job seems like the smart decision. At one point or the other, we all tend to be caught in this web of indecision.

In this article, we not only answer that question, but explain why getting a startup position is a good idea, its importance, and all the advantages that are in store for you if you decide to take one.

What is a Startup and What Goes on There?

To properly understand why taking a startup position can be beneficial, you must completely understand what a startup entails. Generally, a startup is a new business that seeks to offer a solution in the market by satisfying customer needs, through the provision of a service or product.

While it can be difficult to define a startup comprehensively due to differing features like profits, revenues, and business plans. Key features set aside startups from other business franchises or expansions.

Basic Features of a Good Startup

Fundamentally, startups possess the following characteristics:

  • They are independent, with a forward-thinking mindset.
  • The company was established less than five years ago.
  • They aim to develop using scalable structures.
  • The company has less than 90 employees.

Usually, startups are born with an idea or a product that provides a solution to a particular problem. Before such a product is made, entrepreneurs must test them to receive consumer feedback. This gives them a clear idea of whether their product or service is valuable in the market. The testing process also helps founders know the strength and weakness of the product or service and how to improve on them.

Why Should Anyone Want to Work At a Startup?

Often, the idea of working at the start of a venture can seem challenging with several unknown variables. However, employees enjoy many personal and career-developing benefits when working with a new company. With that in mind, here are some reasons you might want to work at a startup.

  • It offers a unique learning experience

Working at a startup provides a unique learning experience that you wouldn’t see at your typical, comfy, corporate job. They offer favorable working environments filled with creativity and innovation to grow the business. Unlike most other job offers, it has a lot more flexibility on how you choose to develop and grow into an entrepreneur.

  1. There is a load of opportunities to explore

Although the startup may not pay as much as a corporate job, it provides an incentive to acquire new skills after undertaking various tasks. The gradual experience gained during skill acquisition sessions tend to compensate for the pay cut in the long term. In contrast to a corporate job, working in a startup provides more chances to branch out into other fields and is less monotonous.

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Also, working personally with startup founders and other executives can create opportunities to learn many aspects of business development. Due to the small nature of startups, interacting with and learning from everyone is possible. You can always ask questions from anyone in the work chain because of how flexible it is.

  1. Career growth is possible and faster

After taking a job with a startup company, you understand that it is a business model that tends to expand exponentially. This expansion can create many opportunities for you to gain experience in your career field and undertake higher roles in the startup company. If or when you decide to switch jobs, the experience you carry from your startup position will be more than enough to make your portfolio stand out and become attractive to future employers.

  1. Employees can take on multiple responsibilities

More often than not, working with a startup can make you experience a wide range of roles. With limited employees and resources in a startup, you tend to participate in projects that you will miss out on in a regular job. The founder always tries to make the most of its limited workforce and gives everyone a chance to learn new areas.

At some point, you may need to perform marketing tasks, IT duties, or administrative responsibilities; all of which ends up providing a unique perspective and experience that is invaluable in your career.

  1. Personal development sessions are always provided

Working at a startup can provide you with the ability to meet your set goals and objectives through personal development sessions that may not be available in a regular job. Founders always ensure personal development sessions are provided for employees in specific areas to make them better equipped for their roles.

  1. Creativity and innovation thrives

In most regular work environments, creative thinking and innovation are not as vital as meeting marketing goals or fulfilling daily responsibilities. In contrast, innovation and creativity are crucial to the success of every startup. Founders often need creative ideas and new perspectives to help the company progress and ward off competitors. Your employer will always reward creativity and innovation with positive recognition and regular incentives.

  1. The working atmosphere is always positive

The working environment of a regular corporate job is very different from that of startup companies. The environment and atmosphere in startups are often informal and non-traditional. As such, it provides more freedom and expression at work. You may gain some perks like;

  • Team-building exercises 
  • Casual dress codes
  • Informal office setups and work areas
  • Meals and lunchtime breaks


When you are on the hunt for a job, do not be quick to dismiss the opportunity to work at a startup. Startups are popular for their relaxed environment, entrepreneurial spirit, and provision of various learning opportunities. So before you jump at that comfy corporate job, take a minute to reconsider, and you might enjoy what startups have in store for you.

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