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The Best Hobbies to Try: Art, Mobile Gaming, and More

There are hundreds of different hobbies that men and women can do in today’s world. However, some hobbies are more fun than others – and this article is here to tell you all about them. 

Life wouldn’t be the same without hobbies. They give people a purpose and a sense of belonging, which are both key to having a great life. 

Mobile Gaming

Mobile games are a fast and light-hearted way to pass the time. However, they’re also a very serious hobby for millions of people. 

The main reason for this is because they allow people to be competitive. Most mobile games are now multiplayer, meaning you have the opportunity to challenge people around the world and try to beat them, whether it’s at a first-person shooter game or an RPG. Interestingly, online poker has become a hugely popular mobile game to play. Check out online poker USA for the best online poker sites.


Painting is a wonderful hobby that enables you to momentarily disconnect from technology to express your imagination in visual form.

From oil to acrylic, you can use many different types of paint – it’s all a matter of preference. 

Remember to buy canvases that enable you to create paintings of sizes that you like. As a starting point, try using an 18 x 24 canvas. Usually, this is the perfect size for beginners. As you become more experienced, you can progress into larger canvases, such as the 30 x 40 size that many professionals now use. 


Thrifting makes for a nice change to the usual routine of shopping at fancy stores. Instead, you get to browse through vintage items and find bargains that would otherwise be super expensive if purchased in mint condition. 
Most cities have at least a couple of thrift stores. If your city doesn’t, it might mean you have to travel to find one. Or, alternatively, you can thrift online.

Start Vlogging

YouTube is one of the most popular channels on the internet. 

One of the main reasons YouTube has become so popular is vlogging. Now, anyone can start their own vlog and become an internet sensation overnight – it’s quite incredible. 

If you feel like testing your vlogging skills, all you need is an idea and a vlogging camera (even your smartphone camera can do the job). For example, you might want to vlog your traveling adventures or make vlogs when you commute to work in the morning. 

Run Your Own Side Business

Running your own business was seen as a very serious job in the past. Now, though, you can run your own side business as a fun hobby. From selling t-shirts online to creating small jewelry, anything is possible. Best of all, you can now sell your own items through Facebook and other social media platforms, which is incredibly convenient. 

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