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Top Vintage Pieces Every Art Collector Should Have In Their Home

February 16, 2022

As an art collector, it is always a good idea to have a few vintage pieces in your home. Vintage pieces are known for being unique and often one of a kind. They can also give your home that special touch of art you have been looking for. Vintage pieces do not just have to be paintings, either. Sculptures, prints, lithographs, and photographs can all be considered vintage pieces depending on the year they were produced. Here is a list of some vintage pieces every art collector should have in their home.

1) Vintage Wall Art

Vintage wall art is among the newest vintage pieces currently available. People who love decorating and changing their wall colors turn to vintage paintings and prints. Getting vintage art for sale adds a little history to the room. Many of these old paintings might include portraits, landscapes, and still life images, while others may be abstract or completely random in patterns and color. With vintage wall art, there are no limits.

2) Warhol Prints

Andy Warhol is a highly famous artist. And with good reason too. His art pieces are among some of the most creative, unique, and exciting pieces to date. What makes his work so unique? Well, if you were lucky enough to purchase a print by Andy Warhol, then you would understand why people like to buy his works of art. Warhol’s prints include celebrity portraits (think Marilyn Monroe) and self-portraits, including incredible images such as soda pop bottles or soup cans. You can now find cheap Warhol paintings for sale online, making it even easier for collectors who cannot afford the high-priced originals.

3) Wooden Sculpture

Wooden sculptures are fantastic additions to any home, whether for an art collector or not. These sculptures can take on so many shapes and designs, making it easy to find something that will fit perfectly into your home. While wooden sculptures are famous, they do tend to be pretty expensive. But if you shop around, you may be able to find a good deal on a unique piece just for you.

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4) Antique Sculptures

Antique sculptures are great pieces of art to have in your home. They come to life when you place them somewhere in the house with natural lighting. But it is important not to put these sculptures out in direct sunlight since they might fade over time. With antique sculptures, keep in mind that there will always be a certain amount of wear and tear because let’s face it – some of these items date back centuries.

5) Vintage Photography

There is an exciting history with photography. For years, photography was viewed as something that could not be considered art; however, as the years progressed and more modern styles evolved into what we have today, photography has been judged as a form of fine arts, just like painting or drawing. If you are looking for an affordable way to add some artwork to your home through photography, vintage photos can be a great choice at a very reasonable price.

6) Film Posters

Film posters have been around since the beginning of film production. The first-ever motion picture created contained a single sheet of paper with the title and some still images from that movie. In today’s world, film posters are often considered modern pieces or even vintage pieces depending on how old they are. Many classic films from past decades might include posters from movies such as ‘The Godfather,’ ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Citizen Kane.’ If you want to add some artwork to your home that will make a big statement, vintage film posters can do the job.

7) Miro Lithograph

If you are into modern art or just looking for something fun and colorful, vintage lithographs can be a great choice. One of the biggest lithographers in history was Spanish artist Joan Miro. His work is among the most famous works of art many people love to collect because it includes bright colors that draw attention to the wall behind the piece.

8) Pop-art

Pop art is a style of artwork that has become very popular in modern art. If you are not familiar with this term, the artwork reflects how pop culture has evolved into something even more special and unique to each person. While most people know about Andy Warhol’s famous pop-art pieces, many other artists have created some pretty awesome stuff through this style.

If you are looking for affordable art pieces to add to your home, vintage items can be a great choice. Many people love these pieces because it adds a bit of history and authenticity to their homes. If you keep an eye out on auction sites like specialty stores, you might find hidden treasures that will be sure to impress everyone who enters your home.

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