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Another Day, Another Guardian ad Litem Selling Children

Every day I get phone calls, texts, and emails from mothers who lost the right to see their children through the decision of a Family Court judge.

A few stories I wrote discuss this:

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Another example of GAL abuse came from Bridget Mollohan, who texted me:

Bridget Mollohan

Hi Frank

I just read your article on how to buy custody, and it’s spot on.  Like millions of other women, I was accused of parental alienation due to my daughter refusing contact with her father after confiding in therapists and me about abuse.

Because of the GAL accusing me of this, I could not have normal contact with my daughter for over a year. This GAL knew the father had a history of domestic battery, protection orders, and eight Department of Child and Family Services investigations.

They were not initiated by me but by therapists and a police officer. He had three DUIs, five charges of assault, and my older daughter’s testimony of her abuse growing up.

My daughter was hospitalized three times for suicide ideation because of stating that she’d rather be dead than go back to him.  She was even sent to a shelter because she refused to leave the hospital with him.

Despite all this, and the fact that I have no reports and no one expressed any concerns of abuse against myself, no addictions, no legal problems, etc., the GAL recommended that he have sole custody.

The exposure is increasing because of laws like “Kayden’s Law,” but we need all the help we can get.  My daughter just turned 18, so there are no longer concerns about her being retaliated against by the GAL.

PLEASE continue to expose this.  I can prove everything and know of so many others facing this nightmare.

Thank you for your article.  I will be sharing it.

I texted back:

 Thanks for your text. I want to post your comment. Can I use your name or keep you anonymous? 

Bridget: I’ve been doing a lot of exposure, so I have no problem with you using my name. I am seeing a lot of other articles on your website. I might share a different one.  Any suggestions on the one that fits this situation the best? 

Frank I am struggling with the methods to tell the story. People find it hard to believe. They want to believe in their system, so I find it best to use repetition. Hammering away again and again and again. So, no, I can’t say which one is best. 

Bridget: Ok, Just shared the article: Experts: CT Court Guardians ad Litem..  

 I asked Bridget for a photo to go with the story she told me. She recommended I go to her Facebook page.I found not only her picture, but she told a little more of her story: 

 Bridget wrote: Wendy Musielak, Guardian ad Litem (GAL) President of the Dupage County, Illinois, Bar Association, was Guardian ad Litem after my child refused contact with her father, whom she told a therapist she feared. My child told Wendy Musielak that she was being abused. My child told numerous mental health professionals about being “terrified” of her father. My child’s father had orders of protection, 8 DCFS investigations initiated by therapists and a police officer, and five charges for assault. She was hospitalized three times for suicide ideation, twice for stating that she’d rather be dead than go back with her father. Wendy knew all this and knew that I had no history of abuse, neglect, substance abuse, or reasons for concern. 

She used the unscientific theory of parental alienation, which was debunked by the scientific community, as a reason to defend abuse. Because she believed in this unscientific theory, invented by a pedophile sympathizer/advocate, my child was not only forced to live with her abuser but not allowed contact (unless by a therapist or with her father listening in) with me for over a year. 

Wendy Musielak is a danger to children.Wendy finally changed her recommendation in my case when she was backed into a corner because the police, the Kane County State’s attorney Jamie Mosser’s office, and the Dupage County’s State’s attorney were involved. The recordings of my daughter’s father repeatedly telling her to go ahead and kill herself were what it took for this GAL to do what was right finally. That speaks volumes. Why aren’t you apologizing, Wendy Musielek, for not believing a victim of domestic violence and keeping that child from their primary attachment figure for over a year? 

When a child says that they have been abused and state that they do not feel safe, they should never have to have the burden of proof to be protected. Shame on you for doing this to my child.

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