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Underrated BTS Songs – A List To Look Forward To 

From starting as a small K-Pop band to becoming a global sensation overnight – BTS has taken the world of melody and music by a thunderstorm. 

However, although the group has been offering hits after hits since their inception, they still have some underrated gems to look forward to. 

Keep reading our article till the end to know more about them. 

Thanks to the massive popularity of BTS, it was almost impossible to find a BTS track that’s truly underrated. However, we did our research and curated a list for you anyway. 

You can find these songs on YouTube or download them from the pirate bay. The latter alternative will be much more data-saving, in our opinion. 

Track – 1: Second Grade 

Stemming from the “Dark & Wild” era of BTS, Second Grade was the brainchild of J-Hope, Suga, and RM. Although it’s lyrically brilliant, the charisma of the song reveres the song’s playful beat and soul-touching melody. 

The track also tells the tale of BTS’s hardships, humility, and the long road they had to traverse before becoming the brightest stars in K-Pop. 

Track – 2: Coffee 

A caffeine-fueled masterpiece, the song “Coffee,” shares the feeling of missing the love of your life while reminiscing the memories you made together. Like the previous song, this one, too, emanates a dark yet sentimental tone. However, the rhythm is a little slow-paced. 

Honestly though, this song is best enjoyed on a rainy Sunday afternoon while sipping on a cup of coffee… unless you like tea. Don’t worry; the effect will still be the same. 

Track – 3: Look Here 

“Look Here” offers a reminiscing vibe of Pharrell Williams’ trademark style and blends it artfully with the unique Bangtan flair. 

The result? 

It’s eargasmic at its best. The song features a sassy dance-y beat with some of the quirkiest lyrics you would ever hear from the band. The lyrics are pretty good too, but if you ask us, we’ll choose the melody over it any day! 

Track – 4: Crystal Snow 

A true personification of beautiful pain, “Crystal Snow” offers us a feeling that we long for as a lover. The tone of the track is pretty depressing, and, well… it might bring tears to your eyes if you can relate to it.

Stream it today so that we can all cry together while staring into the cloudy sky. 

Oh, did we forget? 

Make sure to be on the lookout for the triple high note of Jin. It’s mesmerizing! 

Track – 5: Could You Turn Off Your Cellphone?

This ever-so-undervalued gem is all about BTS pleading to their audience to throw away their phones and enjoy their life a little more. 

Yes, it might come as a shock to you, but traveling to new places and connecting to people is much more important than sticking your head into your mobile. 

(Oh, you’re reading this article on your phone, no?)

Track – 6: Love Maze 

Like a profound maze, being in love and understanding your better half tends to be a little confusing at times. You can easily get overwhelmed by it, lose control over yourself, and end up getting lost in the bewilderment forever. 

Or, you could listen to BTS, team up with your beloved, and solve the puzzle together. As J-hope says, “hold hands, and together, you’ll become a map.” 

Track – 7: I Like It

According to the legends, girls tend to look 10x more beautiful and pretty after going through a breakup – and “I Like It” is the true attestation to this notion.

The lyrics, the beats, and the overall rhythm of the track are as catchy as they can get. Also, it’s pretty encouraging for someone who’s recently given up on their love. 

Doing It In The BTS Way! 

There you have it! 

We have just improved and upgraded your BTS playlist a little more with some of the songs you probably haven’t listened to before. 

Now, you can give “Permission to Dance” and “Dynamite” some break and start banging these tracks on your speaker. 

Or, you may tell us about something we missed out on in the comment section below. We’ll add it to our article next time! 

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