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Join Subversive Theatre for MAY DAY AT DEBS to celebrate workers’ rights

Join Subversive Theater at the aptly named Eugene V. Debs (workers’ rights political activist) Social Hall to celebrate May Day 2022.  In most countries in the world, May 1st is a national holiday to celebrate workers’ rights and workers’ power.  Since 1886, May Day has been a rallying cry for working people fighting against exploitation worldwide. 
 Subversive Theatre is proud to be a part of keeping this tradition alive and kicking right here in Buffalo.  Since 2003 they have been holding staged readings of plays that celebrate workers’ power and we’re excited to continue with a presentation of Howard Zinn’s MARX IN SOHO starring John Kehoe this Sunday.  The reading is of course on May Day — Sunday, May 1st — at the Eugene V. Debs Social Hall at 483 Peckham Street.     Happy May Day to all!!!! FROM YOU COMRADES AT SUBVERSIVE

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