( L to R) Charles McGregor, Suzanne Hibbard, Victor Morales, - photo courtesy of American Repertory Theater of WNY 
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American Repertory Theater’s THE PARADIGM BOMB postponed to Sept. 2022

Performances are Thurs & Friday at 7:30 pm / Sat 5:00 pay-what-you-can ticket pricing

The American Repertory Theater of WNY presents the World premiere of Western New York playwright Matthew LaChiusa’s “The Paradigm Bomb” on May 12th and runs until June 4th. Show dates and times are Thursday & Friday at 7:30 pm and Saturday at 5:00 pm. ART/WNY will continue the 2022-23 season ticket policy of pay-what-you-can for the production run. For more information, please visit www.artofwny.org or contact the box-office call 716-697-0837.

“Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh, the faceless thousands behind the January 6th Captial storming, we know of their deeds, but do we ever know what was the first sparks that led to their actions?”  Playwright Matthew LaChiusa, on his “The Paradigm Bomb. “This piece looks closely at the humanity behind terrorist and insurrectional acts”.  American Repertory Theater of WNY’s presentation of LaChiusa’s work, opens on May 12th and runs until June 4th. The production marks the final show in the company’s 2021-22 season dedicated to Western New York playwrights. “This is not a political play, but a narrative about the human condition placed in a contemporary political and social environment”, added LaChiusa, “It’s a piece about the hunger to be heard, and the extremes one takes to be”.

“The Paradigm Bomb” features an Applied Mathematics Professor ‘Keven Calmy” who designs paradigm shifting devices, and with his partner, ‘Meredith Simmons’, under the motivation of mentor ‘Raul’, they hatch a plan to bring down commercial institutions. When an ultimate sacrifice is made, the planner seeks merit and understanding to why they need to detonate the final paradigm bomb.
Veteran actor, Victor Morales, portrays the idealistic ‘Raul Santiego’, ART/WNY alumni talents Suzanne Hibbard portrays Meredith Simmons, “woman afraid”, but ready to allow a “terrible beauty to be born”, and Charles McGregor portrays the troubled Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, ‘Kevin Calmely’. Each actors weaves their expertise into this non-linear narrative jumping from past to present, “It’s a fragmented piece”. Playwright Matthew LaChiusa on the structure of his work. “Arcs are broken up, narrative lines are jumbled, and time shifts,” LaChiusa continued, “This isn’t your cushy Sunday drive in the park. It’s more like navigating around a funhouse. It’s not about the exit, but how you get there”. 
American Repertory Theater of WNY continues the pay-what-you-can ticket policy throughout the production.  

For more information, please visit: https://www.artofwny.org  or purchase tickets through https://m.bpt.me/event/5176188. Or call the box office at 716 – 697- 0837. 

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