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How To Make Your Garage More Guest-friendly

If you have a garage that’s large enough for guests to sleep in, then why not convert it into a self-contained annexe? If you already have and want to improve upon your work, then this post has got you covered. Wherever your guests are sleeping, it’s very important that they are as comfortable as possible. If your guests aren’t comfortable, then they won’t come back and stay with you again, not to mention that their trip and time with you won’t be enjoyed.

Here is an effective guide for making your garage more guest-friendly:

Smoking Area

If Cannabis is legalised in your state or country, then you could consider transforming your garage into a smoking area, where visitors to your house can sit and enjoy a smoke. If you are going to do this, then you will need to invest in high-quality equipment, like recycler ash catchers, premium-grade marijuana, and organic papers if people want to roll joints, instead of smoking with a pipe or a bong. If you are going to create a smoking area, make sure that it’s well-ventilated and fire-safe.

Self-contained Kitchen

If your garage is going to be transformed into an annexe or self-contained apartment for people to stay in, then you could consider building a small kitchen inside for them. There’s nothing quite as annoying (and uncomfortable) as staying with somebody and having to go into the kitchen and use things when they aren’t in the room. Most people choose not to do this, and lock themselves in their rooms, even if they want a glass of water. Building a self-contained kitchen in your garage will provide guests with a place to eat and drink when you aren’t around.

Comfortable Flooring

If you are going to convert your garage into accommodation for guests, then you might want to replace your garage’s floor or at the very least put down some rugs. Most garages have simple concrete floors, which aren’t very comfortable to walk on barefoot. If you are going to build a separate room inside your garage for guests, but still store your car in there, then you should put carpeting down in this other room. This is so that your guests feel comfortable when they are staying there. It is especially important to put down comfortable flooring if the region that you live in is very cold.


While on the subject of cold weather, have you insulated your garage? It’s not a good idea to let people stay in there if it is not insulated. The reason for this is that buildings that aren’t insulted tend to be very cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. It’s not fair to put guests up in your garage if you aren’t going to provide them with the same kind of experience that they would get staying in your house. Insulation can be expensive but is worth it. Spray insulation is usually the cheapest option, and iFoam can seal a friendly deal to get your garage at its most comfortable state.

Window Installation

If guests are going to be staying in your garage, then it’s essential that you install windows (and an access door). This is so that the property meets fire regulations. If you don’t give guests access to windows or a door, then they would not be able to get out in case of an emergency. Windows, like insulation, can be very expensive to install. It’s likely the case that you already know this, by virtue of the fact that you are considering transforming your garage into a self-contained annex. If you have construction knowledge, then you can install your own windows.

Lowered Footfall

If people are going to be hanging out or even staying in your garage, then you need to reduce the footfall that goes through it. A lot of people use their garages on a daily basis, for storage and other things. This can’t be the case when guests are over, otherwise, you could make them very uncomfortable. When you are hosting people in your home you need to go out of your way to ensure that they are comfortable all of the time. Reducing footfall is a very effective way for you to do this.


Finally, if people are going to be staying in your garage, then you need to reduce clutter and make sure that everything that’s stored in there, is stored properly. Make sure that there isn’t any mess, otherwise, your guest’s stay could be very unpleasant. Try to remove as much as you can, to give them room to breathe.

If your garage is going to be providing accommodation for friends or family, then you need to make it as comfortable as possible. It isn’t at all difficult to do this. You do need to get building permission from your local housing authority before you can start construction work on your garage and convert it into a dwelling, however.

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