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STAGECOACH MARKET at Trattoria Aroma

by Newell Nussbaumer

For anyone looking for a fun, unusual, and feel-good weekend, please consider visiting The Stagecoach Market. This little corner market is outdoors, in the shade of the historic canopy covering of Trattoria Aroma restaurant. The market is an ode to all of the lost corner markets that once dotted the Buffalo landscape, before the advent of supermarkets. Not only is their prideful curb appeal, there are also plenty of marketers who are happy to attend a new Sunday market, which is not a typical market day. But more than anything else it’s about the scratch products that are sold at the quaint, old-world pop-up market, including cold press juices, farm fresh eggs, homemade pies, flower bouquets, vegan baked goods, date-based delights, sauces, salsas, dressings, nitro-infused coffee, jams and jellies, mushrooms… the list goes on.

“We did this for the dedicated makers, and for the community,” said Newell Nussbaumer, who co-founded the market with Dave Cosentino, owner of Trattoria Aroma. “We were having a coffee together on the front porch of the restaurant yes and decided that the corner was perfect for a small food and flower market. So we called up a bunch of vendors, who, it turned out, were looking for a Sunday market to attend. We did a dry run two Sundays ago, which went off without a hitch. This coming Sunday is our official season opening. We’re hoping that people bike and walk to this market, just like they would have at the turn of the last century. We have a little café seating area where people can take their slice of pie (from Foibles Bakery on the West Side) or a biscotti (Biscotti For Everybotti ) and a cup of nitro-infused coffee (from Nickel City Nitro coffee’s mobile bicycle cart) and sit down and relax. This is exactly what Sundays were made for.”

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