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5 steps for starting a successful YouTube career

2005 was the luckiest year for most content creators these days, as YouTube came on the market with a new concept of viewing and uploading videos. Since then, the number of channels has exploded, and now you get to see most of the content on this platform made by people like you. Some of them have made YouTube a source of income that is enough to live a life full of adventures. If you want to become like them, keep reading and find out how to become a successful Youtuber.

Do your research

The first step you should take is to research and learn how the platform works because most people only use it for watching videos, but being a YouTuber requires a lot of knowledge. If you want your videos to be seen and reach a lot of people, you should know:

  • How to write a good video description for your videos. You should try everything possible to get noticed if you’re at the beginning. Therefore your description is a good start, where you can add YouTube hashtags, links and the right keywords.
  • How to make your channel visually pleasing to make people click on your videos. The channels’ interface should be informative but simple, with featured playlist sections to showcase your niche.
  • How to use video chapters to create interactive timestamps for your users. It’s an important feature to have because it makes your content more put-together, and you can get more visibility through Google Search Key Moments.
  • Everything about copyright claims and strikes, in order to avoid them. You can get a copyright claim if your videos, images or audio have been used without permission, and even if it doesn’t affect your channel, it might lead to some content restrictions. You can easily avoid this issue by creating original audio content or using royalty-free music.  MelodyLoops provides tools to create music, make remixes and obtain licenses from the authors of your favorite compositions, so you can use them legally. On the other hand, a copyright strike is due to using something in your video that you don’t own the rights to. This can severely affect your content, and your channel might even be deleted permanently.

Find your niche

It might seem easy to do, but finding a niche means having only one specific topic that you’ll talk about for a long time. Therefore, your niche should be something that you’re passionate about. For example, if you like a particular sport, but you’re not sure you’ll get any views because it’s not that popular, you should still start your channel around that subject. These days, it’s more important to shape the content according to the current trends than change the information. Therefore it won’t matter if you talk about something no one else has heard of before as long as it’s easy to digest.

Then, create your value proposition and tell your audience who you are and why they should watch your content. It would be best to summarize that as short as possible and avoid getting into complicated and long descriptions and leaving that part for the content itself.

Create content

Getting to the difficult part, you should know that creating content will take time and effort, especially if you want to be relevant to the platform. You need to decide if you’re going to deliver information or be known for entertainment content. Or you can merge them and create funny videos that can teach people something new.

If you don’t know where to start, you could attach your content to other information. For example, if you want to talk about your favorite piece of clothing, you can start by talking about the designer who made it. Or, if you’re good at gaming, you can film yourself while trying out a new video game and talk about what’s making it good or bad.

Don’t get upset if your videos are not blowing up immediately. Many creators on this platform might be starting at the same time as you, and you’re competing with the ones in your niche that are already working for some time. But know that if you’re passionate and learn how to present your content, people will start noticing you very soon.

Analyze your input

You must complete this step to know which direction you’re going. With the help of Google Analytics, you can see how clickable are your titles and thumbnails by checking your click-through rate and try improving it if you can’t see any good results with your actual system. At first, even if your content should be the same, you need to make experiments and see if it’s better to have bright and dynamic thumbnails or if your viewers prefer shorter titles.

Another metric that will help you is Watch Time. This feature will help you decide if longer videos are better than shorter ones and vice versa. When you get more watch time (meaning that you get more views), the YouTube platform is more likely to promote your content to more people.

Be consistent

In the end, if your goal is truly making a career out of YouTube, you must be consistent with your content, which means that you’ll make a detailed plan about when you’re going to post new videos and let your audience know your schedule. It would help if you tried to post once a week when starting, given that it takes some time to edit your videos. You could create template videos at first, so you won’t have to come up with something new every week and save time by focusing on the edit itself.

You should do it consistently for a longer period because your audience will associate your personality with your content, and you’ll become someone they’re looking forward to watching. So, if you like something, make it obvious.

In conclusion, don’t forget to enjoy your path and don’t put too much pressure on yourself in the first months. Think of the biggest content creators on this platform, and you’ll see that it took some time to get where they are, and you can be like them if you’re passionate about what you’re doing. So, are you the next PewDiePie?

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