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What is the best and safest online casino in Canada?

We all love gambling and playing for fun. Some of us have actually turned it into a real daily job! However, in the 21st century, there is nothing better than mobility, communication, and community worldwide via online activities. So the old-school casino halls are now in the past. The bright future can be seen in online casino games! Here are the best and safest online casinos in Canada!

  1. Jackpot City

This is one of our favorite online casinos and this comes for a reason. First of all, it comes with a great variety of high-end games – more than 500. You can invest, but when you want to withdraw your money, this happens with just a few clicks, easy and quick motion. Also, if you are new to the online casino community, the company can provide you with great customer support in every single second when you need help with any procedure. 

What is not to forget is that they have great playing conditions. When you first sign in and start this journey, you can earn a massive bonus counting up to C$1600 which is an amazing deal! It is also not to forget the option for progressive jackpots. They go up to 32, so chances are you shall earn a lot of money. What we would appreciate as an improvement in the future is that they do not accept crypto at this point.

  1. Royal Panda

This online casino has gained massive popularity in the last few years. It is surely one of the most progressive slots sites in Canada. They offer a wide Stellar jackpot selection. It is a well-established web casino and one of the best when it comes to mobile functions for its users, so this site is one of the best for gamblers on the go. It is also not to skip the fact that this online casino gives you great starting bonuses that can go up to about C$1000 which is a lovely deal to exploit as a beginner. 

What would be highly appreciated is that they have to work a little more on the filtering options in the site. This is surely compensated by the many banking options and the wide variety of slot games and designs for every pocket. 

  1. Spin casino

This one is a very old site for online gambling. They have been in the industry for quite some time now and they have learned so many lessons over the years. They have a very good selection of slot games, however, they are still very limited. In compensation for this, we can all agree that the 50 live dealers are a massive thumbs-up for this online casino. The layout and design of the site are very pleasing to the eye and it is claimed to be one of the most user-friendly web casinos. 

The site pleases its clients with surely and excellent customer support service, but what leaves space for improvement is again this. They do not have a phone hot support line which might be needed in some cases. 

  1. Casinonic

This is one of the most renowned and popular online casinos in Canada. The design is stunning and keeps your eyes on the screen. The web designers have obviously put a lot of effort into the look but also the functionality of the website as it is clearly user-friendly. 

The platform for sure shines with its massive blackjack selection and the offers of more than 4000 games at a time. And what is also fascinating is that the welcome package may vary, of course, but it can reach C$5000. What we see as a bit of a disadvantage is that the minimum deposit for beginners is a bit higher than the average on this type of website. However, this online casino offers a high-end experience and the money is worth it in the long run. 

Picking the right online casino for your play is important for your general entertainment and you have to make an informed decision. Taking into account small things like the welcoming bonus, the variety of games and the types of games offered makes a real difference!

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