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Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in the UK and Europe?

There are many unknowns surrounding marijuana in the UK and Europe.

In this article, we review the legality of marijuana seeds and we tell you all the things that you must take into account if you are interested in this field.

The cannabis experts give us all the details that you must know to assess whether it is legal to buy marijuana seeds in the UK and Europe.

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Cannabis seeds and legality in the UK and Europe

Certainly, there are many doubts surrounding marijuana and a lot of confusion regarding the legality of buying marijuana seeds in the UK and Europe.

These substances are illegal in many parts of the world. Still, we must appreciate that the same does not happen with marijuana seeds as with the purchase and sale of cannabis at a general level since both elements are regulated very differently in the different countries.

First of all, it is interesting to note that the situation of cannabis and seeds in various Countries of the world is different. In general, marijuana seeds are legal in many countries, although these regulations can vary quite a bit depending on the area we find ourselves in. In this way, while its sale is legal in some places, other countries have prohibited it.

Similarly, some countries allow their sale but not for planting or cultivation, other countries allow cultivation as long as it can be shown that the seeds are to be grown for private consumption and not for profit.

Purchase cannabis seeds in Europe and the UK

In the first place, to assess whether the purchase of cannabis seeds is legal or not in the UK and Europe, we have consulted some expert of cannabis market.

In this way, and taking into account that it is a somewhat confusing issue because each country has different regulations, it should be noted that buying marijuana seeds is legal throughout Europe, as long as we take into account that they are not intended to be grown, neither privately, nor especially for marketing. However, there are some exceptions at this point in the UK and Europe.

Both in the UK and Europe, it is possible to acquire cannabis seeds legally without any problem. Furthermore, it is possible to buy seeds from other countries and even receive them comfortably at home without this being a legal problem.

Now, what is not allowed in almost any European territory, is that these seeds are cultivated to obtain plants. In this way, the line between legality and illegality in this area is especially fine and therefore, it is key not to cross it if we want to stay within the limit set by the law.

You can buy seeds, but you can’t grow them!

You’re probably wondering what’s the point of buying marijuana seeds if they can’t be grown. And in this area, the experts consulted have outlined all its advantages.

First of all, the seeds are a food supplement rich in protein and amino acids, so it is possible to consume them as food since they are especially beneficial for health. Similarly, marijuana seeds are also commonly used as bait for fishing and even as food for birds.

This way, considering European legislation, it is possible to buy seeds from other countries and receive them at home throughout Europe. It is essential to keep in mind that in 1962 an international treaty was signed that began to consider cannabis an illegal substance.

Still, marijuana seeds are not included at this point. Marijuana seeds are legal because they do not have narcotic components, so they cannot be considered narcotic substances.

Now, in the UK and Europe, it is possible to buy marijuana seeds and, as we indicated above, the exception to be noted is that, here, it is also legal to grow them, as long as the cultivation is for private consumption and in personal spaces.

Also, it is legal to grow your marijuana plants without breaking the law, as long as you can show that the consumption is going to be private or your own and that you do not want to plant the marijuana seeds to traffic with it.

Similarly, it is also interesting to note that in the UK and Europe, cannabis legislation can change significantly depending on the Autonomous Community we are talking about.

At this point, Europe regulates this form of the law in a decentralized manner, giving freedom to regional management and allowing each area to choose its regulations on the cultivation and consumption of cannabis.

On the other hand, it is essential to bear in mind that all the autonomous communities usually follow the regulations that we have already indicated. In other words, it is legal to buy marijuana seeds and grow them privately, as long as the consumption is going to be their own and there is no lucrative purpose behind it.

Last words about cannabis seeds in the UK and Europe

Finally, the experts at have also explained to us that if we are interested in this type of purchase, we should opt for reference stores, since in this way, we will be able to supply ourselves with marijuana seeds in the UK and Europe without breaking the law and with an excellent value for money in all its products.

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