An Interview with Global Marketing Expert Lucia Sztarenki

In the world of luxury and beauty brands, competition is intense and constant. Marketing professionals in this space need to be at the top of their game to continue connecting with potential customers through multiple channels.

Lucia Sztarenki is one such professional, a bona fide marketing expert who has been working at the highest level of the luxury and beauty industry for years with world-famous brands like Calvin Klein and Frette.

Sztarenki works on the cutting edge of global marketing strategy, finding the best possible ways to maintain consistent brand identity and tell stories that resonate with audiences.

During our interview with Sztarenki, which you’ll find below, she discussed multiple key aspects of global marketing and valuable skills that can contribute to industry success. Especially interesting were Sztarenki’s comments on omnichannel marketing.

And if you’re getting ready to start your own marketing career, be sure to read to the end, where Sztarenki offered some excellent advice for aspiring professionals.

Hi Lucia, welcome to Artvoice! To start, can you talk a little about your work with Frette?

Thanks! I’m really excited to be here. So, I carry out international marketing efforts at Frette that are pertinent to the Business Consumer channels. I frequently work on omnichannel projects with the digital team to materialize events, VIC clients’ experiences, and drive-to-store retail marketing activities.

That’s a great segue into our next topic. Why do you think it’s important to have an omnichannel approach in marketing?

More and more, we see the increasing trend, across all demographics, of the synergies of clients frequenting physical retail and digital spaces before making a purchase. This is why it’s crucial to have a strong, consistent brand presence across both offline and online platforms. In order to ensure that the experience and tailored journey are perceived consistently worldwide, brands must provide customers a choice in the channel via which they interact with them.

And a lot of the brands you’ve worked with serve international markets. You yourself are heavily involved in global strategy. Where does that strategy start for you?

I think the organization’s strategic direction must serve as the foundation for the marketing plan. Part of my job is evaluating current initiatives and campaigns based on the company’s goals and recognizing possibilities and difficulties to accomplish the overall goal. I then create an action plan based on the brand’s DNA, laying out the objectives and requirements for how and where the new initiative will be implemented.

I determine the audience and budget and then set the ROI expected from each initiative. However, when working on a worldwide market, it is important to comprehend the trends, obstacles, and possibilities unique to that market’s culture as well as the target audience. Simply looking at your target market is not enough.

In the same vein, your career has spanned many different countries, and you also speak many languages. Has this given you a different professional perspective?

Definitely! There is a way of saying that you are as many persons as the languages you speak. Speaking multiple languages and having lived in other cultures, in my opinion, helps broaden your viewpoint in both your personal and professional life. You can have a comprehensive awareness of the factors that influence decisions by comprehending various and novel views.

You’ve worked in the luxury & beauty space for quite some time. What attracts you to this industry?

I choose to work in this industry because I enjoy the thought of telling the backstory of a product. Luxury and fragrances marketing goes beyond selling high-end products. Selling a dream or a narrative that customers can relate to is the goal. I enjoy the concept of connecting with clients through an unforgettable story.

So just in terms of your own career so far, is there a specific trait or skill that you would say sets you apart from others in this industry?

Definitely my adaptation skills. Due to my extensive experience putting new regulations into place and my very optimistic nature, I can ensure that everyone around me is inspired to support the change.

That just about brings us to the end of our time together, but before you go, we’d like to ask if you have any advice for young marketing professionals who are getting ready to start their careers.

Persistence and motivation are the keys to success. You’ll eventually come to understand that everything you’ve done in the past has had an unanticipated but significant impact on your career.

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