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An Interview with Marketing Expert Lucia Sztarenki

In the world of luxury and beauty brands, competition is intense and constant. Marketing professionals in this space need to be at the top of their game to continue connecting with potential customers through multiple channels. 

Lucia Sztarenki is one such professional, a bona fide marketing expert who has been working at the highest level of the luxury and beauty industry for years with world-famous brands like Calvin Klein and Frette. 

Sztarenki works on the cutting edge of global marketing strategy, finding the best possible ways to maintain consistent brand identity and tell stories that resonate with audiences. 

During our interview with Sztarenki, which you’ll find below, she discussed multiple key aspects of global marketing and valuable skills that can contribute to industry success. Especially interesting were Sztarenki’s comments on omnichannel marketing. 

And if you’re getting ready to start your own marketing career, be sure to read to the end, where Sztarenki offered some excellent advice for aspiring professionals. 

Can you talk a little about your work with Frette? 

At Frette, I implement global marketing initiatives relevant to the Business Consumer channels. I often work on events, VIC clients’ experiences, and drive-to-store retail marketing initiatives, collaborating with the digital team to realize omnichannel projects when possible. 

Why do you think it’s important to have an omnichannel approach in marketing? 

More and more, we see the increasing trend, across all demographics, of the synergies of clients frequenting physical retail and digital spaces before making a purchase. This is why having a solid and consistent brand presence on offline and online channels is fundamental. Brands must give a choice on which channel clients want to interact with them, making sure the experience and personalized journey are perceived the same way everywhere. 

You’re heavily involved in global strategy. Where does that strategy start for you? 

I believe the marketing strategy must be built on the organization’s strategic direction. Based on the company’s objectives, I analyze the current initiatives and campaigns, understanding the challenges and opportunities to achieve the global objective. Then based on the brand’s DNA, I develop an action plan, setting the goals and expectations on where the new initiative should be implemented. 

I look at the target audience and budget and then set the ROI expected from each initiative. However, when working on a global market, it is not enough to determine the target audience but also to understand the trends, challenges, and opportunities of that specific market’s culture. 

Your career has spanned many different countries and you speak many languages. Has this given you a different professional perspective? 

Definitely! There is a way of saying that you are as many persons as the languages you speak. I believe that speaking many languages and experiencing living in different cultures can enhance your perspective in your everyday and professional life. By understanding different and new perspectives, you get a broad view of why certain decisions are made. 

What attracted you to the beauty and luxury industry in particular? 

I have chosen to work in this field because I like the idea of communicating the story behind a product. Luxury and fragrances marketing goes beyond selling high-end products. It is about selling a dream, a story that clients can associate with. I like the idea of engaging with clients through a meaningful story they will remember forever. 

Is there a trait or skill that you would say sets you apart from others in this industry? 

Definitely my adaptation skills. I am very familiar with implementing new rules and having a very optimistic nature, I can make sure everyone around me is motivated to be part of the change. 

What would you recommend for young professionals starting their careers now? 

Persistency and motivation are the keys to succeeding. It is incredibly true, but one day you will realize that everything you have been doing in the past will have an unexpected but valuable impact on your career.