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How to Make Sure Your Online Psychic is Legit

Many people turn to psychic readings for reassurance, and guidance, to seek specific answers, or even to find closure regarding some situation or event. For those thinking about using the services of an online psychic, there may be concerns about legitimacy – how can we be sure that the individual we choose is credible, trustworthy, and reliable?

If you would like to have a consultation or reading with an online psychic, first use the guide below to help establish that the individual or service is legit, so you can access the help or reassurance you’d like with confidence.

Use a Trusted Site

You may wish to use an umbrella site that gives you access to an array of different psychics and online psychic services. These platforms are a great way to get peace of mind that you’ll be consulting with a trusted, credible psychic: many services offer money-back guarantees as well as promotions and discounts and loyalty schemes so that you can find out how well a specific reading works for you affordably.

For more information, check out these online psychic reading websites, where you’ll find comparisons of some of the biggest psychic platforms around right now, their various benefits and services, and the range of prices you can expect to pay. You’ll also be able to read plenty of reviews from former and current clients, and get the details of how readings or consultations are conducted, i.e., whether readings are held virtually, over the phone, or even via email.

Seek a Personal Referral

Reading as many reviews of the online psychic you’re using (or considering using) is vital, but even better is getting a personal referral from a family member or friend if you can, ask around to find out any experiences your friends or loved ones have had with an online psychic or service to get honest, detailed feedback. 

Seek out personal testimonies, although don’t rely just on those you find on the online psychic’s website; look further afield; if it’s possible, make contact with an acquaintance or friend-of-a-friend that you know has used their services to get their opinion.

Check Out Customer Care

Finding out how well the online psychic looks after their clients is a key indicator of their legitimacy. Start by having a look at their website: can you find the answers to any questions you have there, and is it easy to contact the individual if you have a query? Is there the facility to speak with them before booking a session to ascertain that the service that they provide is right for your needs?

For larger psychic services online platforms, assess the quality of the customer service provision. Is there a variety of ways to get in touch with customer care if you need to? What are the opening hours? All of these things can provide clues regarding the credibility of the service.

Be Wary of Scams

Some attempt to prey on those seeking the services of an online psychic, so having an awareness of active scams is a good way to stay safe from them. Be extremely wary of anyone who makes too-good-to-be-true promises – such as guaranteeing a big money win coming in as a result of consulting with them. Also, be mindful of individuals who, before or in the course of the session, ask for your sensitive or financial information (aside from that needed to make payment) and of websites or platforms that change their contact details regularly: both of these are major red flags suggesting a scam.

Finally, steer clear of those purporting to be psychics but who use ‘scare tactics’ such as advising you that you need their services for protection, to lift a curse, or who make sensationalist doom-laden statements. A credible psychic will offer guidance and answers in a reassuring, calm fashion and not resort to scare-mongering.

Watch Out for Cold Reading Tactics

To further assure yourself of the legitimacy of your online psychic, be on the lookout for any hint of cold reading going on during your consultation. This could include asking you very vague questions or making statements that have a 50/50 chance of being correct. Try not to lead your reader, but instead remain calm and as relaxed as possible, and allow your reader to offer up the information. If there are inaccuracies, don’t be fearful of challenging these statements.

Go With Your Gut

And finally, trust your instincts. If something feels ‘off’ with your online psychic, you don’t feel comfortable, or you don’t feel that you have developed a connection with them, then trust this and look elsewhere. To get the most from a psychic consultation or reading, it’s crucial that you feel as relaxed as possible and that you can rely on the individual that is providing you with guidance or support.

Ultimately, an online psychic service is there to help you, reassure you, or guide you: if you feel that the platform or individual you’re using isn’t serving your best interests, then move on so that you can find one that is a better match.

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