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MK10: DOS Lied and Lied, Hiding the Gross Raniere

Here is another article from the artist and writer MK10ART. Most of the sketches and paintings below are her work. To see more of her artwork, click here.

MK10ART has her view of the Dossier project and DOS. It might be good for the Dossier women to read her article. It might help them get a blunt and candid perspective on how outsiders view their efforts. But, on the other hand, Dossier women are welcome to rebut any views they disagree with found on these pages.


Message to any women who are thinking of joining ‘The Dossier Project’ or supporting them

I don’t know what’s more flabbergasting, the fact that these DOS women are still in the cult or that they are still hunting for gullible people to support them. They have rebranded their cult group: “The Dossier Project.”


This isn’t fooling anyone who knows about Nxivm, but newbies to Nxivm should be warned.

If anyone out there is thinking of joining this gaggle of brainwashed gals, read this article first and know what you are truly getting into. It’s not pretty. Judging by their history, they won’t tell you the truth about anything.

DOS was set up to deceive from the get-go, as well as to control members, with the ultimate purpose of serving master Keith Raniere.

MK10ART’s sketch of Keith Raniere

Raniere is a sick, sadistic sociopath with sex addiction.

People can read a succinct breakdown of what DOS (Dossier) is about in the criminal complaint against Keith Alan Raniere from when he was arrested in 2018. Raniere was subsequently sentenced to 120 years in prison.

Nowadays, Dossier + other Nxivm cult members, particularly Nicki Clyne, are working hard to try and release Raniere. They want to try and prove he is a ‘victim’ of injustice. Clyne’s crusade to get Raniere released from prison is driven mainly by her guilt from exposing the location of Raniere’s hideout, leading to his arrest.

MK10ART depicts a pleasant scene where Nicki Clyne and her master Keith Alan Raniere share a thoughtful moment together.

For the newcomers, here is what DOS(sier) is about, taken from the criminal complaint when Raniere was arrested in Mexico. When Nicki Clyne was foolish enough to post a selfie on Instagram, which helped authorities locate Raniere and apprehend him.

FBI Special Agent Michael Lever was the lead case agent for the investigation of Keith Raniere.

Raniere Complaint, by FBI Special Agent Michael Lever

14. Based on information gathered over the course of this investigation, including RANIERE’s own admissions and emails between RANIERE and other members of DOS, RANIERE alone forms the top of the pyramid as the highest master. Other than RANIERE, all participants in DOS are women. RANIERE’s status as head of the pyramid was concealed from all newly recruited slaves, other than those directly under RANIERE.

So basically, if you join DOS or Dossier, you are joining a sick, twisted harem of women who have sworn obedience to Keith Raniere. This is similar to the Charles Manson cult of women who served him and ended up in prison. Currently, two DOS women have been arrested because of their DOS activities, and one sits in prison now, Allison Mack. You may have heard of her. She was a successful actress. This was before she joined Nxivm. After that, her life unraveled, and she committed crimes at her master’s behest. Ironically, she joined Nxivm, thinking it would improve her acting. It didn’t.

MK10ART’s Study of Allison Mack with her . brands in mind.

Just stick the faces of the Dossier Project women onto the Manson women, and you get the picture. This could be your future if you join the Dossier project. If prison life appeals to you, you may be tempted to join. But before you do, there is more to being a DOS(ier) slave than committing crimes.

B. Recruiting and Collateral
15. From the time of its inception through in or about Spring 2017, DOS masters recruited slaves mostly from within Nxivm’s ranks. When identifying prospective According to various sources of information, DOS stands for “Dominus Obsequious Sororium,” which at least one DOS slave was told by her master translates to “Master Over the Slave Women.”
According to a Latin expert I consulted, this phrase is broken Latin (“obsequious” is an English word, and the Latin would properly be “obsequiosarum,” and “sororium” would properly be “sororum”), but roughly translates to “Lord/Master of the Obedient Female Companions”.

No matter what Nicki Clyne tells you, DOS stands for “Master Over the Slave Women.” Not ‘masters’ but only one ‘master’ (Keith Raniere) over the ‘slave women,’ that means you. You and the rest of the emaciated females in the DOSsier group are slaves to one man, Raniere.

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