Photo by Refaat Seoudy
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Tips Before Traveling To Egypt 

As you plan your Egypt Trips, you must keep certain information in mind. It will prepare you for the experience. These tips are a mixture of what to do and avoid.

Communication and Language

The official tongue is Arabic. But English is also understood by most individuals. Even if it is simple to get by with English, learning a few Arabic terms is advised. It serves as an icebreaker and does make the majority of Egyptians grin. That being said, Egyptians are exceedingly friendly in all other respects. Talk to everyone you meet, including drivers, hotel staff, and tour guides. This will give you a great understanding of Egyptian culture. For purchasing necessities when traveling off the beaten tourist path and in tiny restaurants, Arabic is also helpful. Try using sign language or drawing on paper. If nothing else works—it works!

Another lifesaver is becoming proficient in Arabic number recognition. Billing is done in English in every hotel. Another lifesaver is becoming proficient in Arabic number recognition. Billing is done in English in every hotel. The menus in almost all restaurants are in English. It’s in Arabic, but once more, off the beaten path. Being numerate will make it easier for you to read pricing. It is also quite helpful while shopping at supermarkets for necessities or snacks. If you can read the Arabic price on the packaging, it will help you to understand how much they are overcharging you. Prices are marked up significantly for tourists. 

Take care when Admiring Items at Tourist Attractions 

Some sellers have become incredibly aggressive in making a sale due to the decline in foreign tourists, which is understandable, especially outside of popular tourist attractions as you leave the region. It’s best just to go fast and avoid talking to the merchants if you’re not in the mood to shop. You won’t be able to ignore them once they have your focus. Peddling at tourist attractions like the pyramids is so intense that some vendors try to mislead guests into donning a keffiyeh for a picture before demanding an exorbitant price.

Wear Conservative Clothing.

 While it is true that Egypt is predominately a Muslim country and that you should dress modestly (both men and women should cover their shoulders and legs), there aren’t any explicit dress requirements at big tourist attractions, so you’ll find individuals wandering around in tank tops and shorts. That being said, is a sleeveless, low-cut maxi dress acceptable for a pilgrimage trip? Most likely not. Always try to find a balance while you enjoy your Egypt Trip


Cairo’s nightlife is vibrant, and the residents always have a good time. Alcohol isn’t a big component of social life, although partygoers enjoy frequenting places like Zamalek. Shahrazad Cairo, Crimson Bar & Grill, and Cairo Jazz Club. Nearly every district in Egypt has a local market. Shopping in Egypt: Where to Shop The most well-known is in Cairo’s Khan El Khalili. Everything, from groceries to trinkets, is reasonably priced. Visit shopping centers including City Stars, Old Market (Flea & Street markets), and Cairo Festival City Mall if you wish to buy branded goods.

There you have it! Keeps these few tips in mind onnl your Egypt Trip to heighten your experience.