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100 Questions About CT Family Court Crimes

By Julia Donovan

“Did Judge Adelman Perpetrate Crimes While Wearing Two Hats as Director of CT AFCC?” isn’t a yes or no question.

A few yes or no questions, and about a hundred more questions, are in that one headline. For example:

Was Gerard Adelman the subject of the Informal Judicial Ethics 2013-15 discussion? If not, who was it?

Why didn’t the Connecticut judicial branch and The Hartford Courant tell citizens of the state what happened?

If federal crimes were committed, were the federal crimes discussed privately?

Was an informal hearing conducted instead of a federal investigation, so citizens of Connecticut wouldn’t know who did what, when, why, where, and how?

Local corruption and interstate racketeering for profit in Connecticut’s family courts is a big story. It’s bigger news than discrimination against Catholics in Greenwich public schools.

Maybe the news about discrimination against conservatives in Greenwich will eventually lead to a broader, deeper, more helpful investigation of discrimination against conservatives throughout the state.

Maybe such an investigation will include discrimination in family courts. Attorney Nicola Cunha asked Judge Moukawsher for that same kind of investigation of discrimination in family courts before she was disbarred for raising those concerns. 

Nickola Cunha told Judge Thomas Moukawsher that she thought Judge Gerard Adelman was corruptly favoring those of his own religion. 

Judge Thomas Moukawsher chose to disbar Cunha.

Some historians would tell you this is all old news. Many would say the western part of Connecticut has always sided with the liberal/pagan British Freemasons. In contrast, most in the eastern part of the state lived and fought for political and religious freedom — as most conservatives do today.

No matter the politics and religions of anyone involved and not involved, every Connecticut citizen has the right to know what happened in that JE 2013-15 discussion.

Crimes committed and casualties sustained in Connecticut family courts are the same crimes and casualties year after year.

Those who commit those crimes in family courts aren’t allowed to hold such titles as “CT AFCC Inc. Director” anymore. Still, the same crimes of discrimination, bias, fraud, and malpractice (and racketeering when illegal activities cross state lines) remain unaddressed.

All indications of actionable offenses presented at the Informal JE 2013-15 should have been immediately sent to the Department of Justice for investigation.

Anne Stevenson’s 2013 Washington Times article, “Connecticut court employees face tough questions over conflicts of interest,” noted the following:

“According to William Silk, a staff attorney for the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office, explained that in most cases, the Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Act requires all nonprofit businesses to file registration documents with his office, the IRS, and the Attorney General’s Office before conducting business in the state.

“Documents obtained from Silk’s office show that Jessica Pearson, Ann Milne, and Frank Orlando (a Florida judge) first registered the AFCC with the Connecticut Secretary of State in 1982, while Pearson was under contract to set up the court’s mediation services.

“However, the AFCC has not been registered to do business in Connecticut, because in 1985, its application was withdrawn by then AFCC president and Judicial Branch manager Anthony Salius. The IRS’s website does not list the Connecticut AFCC as an approved charity.”

Someone broke into a reporter’s house after that article was published. Was that a coincidence?

Someone stole independent journalist John Flynn’s car the other day in broad daylight. Was that a coincidence, too? John Flynn lives in Connecticut. He’s investigated and reported corruption in Connecticut’s judicial branch and throughout the state. He’s currently running for the Connecticut US Senate seat Richard Blumenthal has occupied since 2011.

John Flynn, the Republican candidate for District 140 State Representative, is running in the heavily Democratic district against Norwalk CT Common Council member Travis Simms (D-District B), the Democratic candidate, and Human Relations Commissioner Colin Hosten, a Democrat endorsed by the Working Families Party.

John Flynn sounds crazy when he talks about all the corruption that state offices and authorities have ignored over the years.

Jennifer Dulos sounded crazy too, when no one would protect her from a smooth-talking sociopath husband.

Norm Pattis represents disbarred attorney Nickola Cunha. He also represented Fotis Dulos.

CT attorney Norm Pattis said Jennifer Dulos was crazy. Now Norm Pattis represents Attorney Cunha, the lawyer Judge Moukawsher disbarred for blowing the whistle on corruption in family courts.

Jennifer Dulos was said to be the crazy parent. 

Jennifer Dulos’ golden boy husband, Fotis Dulos, [shown with his alleged accomplice Michelle Troconis] was CT Family Court’s idea of the better parent. Then he killed Jennifer, then took his own life. The case is eerily similar to the Ambrose-Reardon case. 

How funny some must think all this is.

Senator Blumenthal was the state’s attorney general from 1991 – 2011. During that time, did he ever do anything about corruption or discrimination in Connecticut’s judicial branch or the state’s public schools?

Did no corruption or discrimination ever exist in Connecticut’s judicial branch or public schools before independent journalists and whistleblowing attorneys told us about it?

Senator Blumenthal wasn’t the only state employee who ignored the corruption and discrimination all these years. How many other Connecticut lawyers, judges, legislators, and employees at the Department of Justice in 2013 were aware of those “tough questions” mentioned in the 2013 Washington Times article? Yet, they ignored those tough questions, hoping everyone else would.

Senator Blumenthal

If the loyalty oaths of Freemasonry, purposely ignoring crimes and simple distractions, don’t enable such massive official cover-ups of actionable offenses in Connecticut’s judicial branch, what does?

Whoever allowed such horrible corruption to remain unaddressed and unpunished for so long committed actionable offenses, just like the judicial officer who was the subject of the Informal JE 2013-15 discussion.

At this point, it’s CHAOS in Connecticut — like the name of Tom O’Neill’s book. In fact, there’s a good chance that the chaos in Connecticut directly or indirectly involves one or two characters mentioned in Tom O’Neill’s book. It’s the same chaos in the “ordo ab chao“ Archbishop Vigano mentions when he talks about Freemasons who destroyed the Catholic Church and so much of the world.

Chaos is a book about the Manson murders, which shows evidence of the FBI’s involvement. O’Neill presents proof of a cover-up behind the “official” story. The book includes never-before-seen documents from the LAPD, the FBI, and the CIA. Chaos mounts an argument that could be, according to Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Steven Kay, strong enough to overturn the verdicts on the Manson murders. 

Meanwhile, since “tough questions” from 2013 are still unanswered in Connecticut, louder calls for an investigation of the cover-up of federal crimes in Connecticut’s Judicial Branch will need the support of as many good people as possible.

When Judge Moukawsher can disbar Attorney Nickola Cunha for asking questions about corruption in family courts, a vice principal in public schools can so openly discriminate against Catholics, and attorneys contribute to the chaos from which they make a profit, that’s a dangerous climate.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong [left] launched a civil rights investigation into hiring practices at the Greenwich School District’s Cos Cob public school. Tong’s investigation came one day after the release of an undercover video by Project Veritas. This conservative group has used hidden cameras for years to expose statements by various individuals. An assistant principal, Jeremy Boland, appeared on the video and said he avoids hiring conservatives, Catholics, and older teachers who oppose transgender ideology. Tong is shown with Sen. Blumenthal.

Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland does not want Catholics to be teachers, for they are less likely to support a child’s right to change genders.

Bill Maher said,

Never forget children are impressionable and very, very stupid… Maybe the boy who thinks he’s a girl is just gay. Maybe the girl who hates girly stuff just needs to learn that being a girl doesn’t mean you have to act like a Kardashian. Maybe childhood makes you sad sometimes, and there are other solutions besides ‘hand me the dick saw…

They’re kids, it’s all phases. The dinosaur phase, the Hello Kitty phase… genderfluid? Kids are fluid about everything. If kids knew what they wanted to be at age eight, the world would be filled with cowboys and princesses. I wanted to be a pirate. Thank God nobody took me seriously and scheduled me for eye removal and peg-leg surgery.

That dangerous climate directly results from citizens not demanding honest answers from those in control. How long will so many not demand answers from government offices when those mostly punished are those who asked the questions?

Most witnessing disasters that cause thousands of casualties in dangerous climates don’t need to be reminded how to respond appropriately in those tragic situations. But, unfortunately, there are always a few who need reminders.

If you see something, say something.

If you saw something, say something.

If you saw something, said something, and were ignored or punished: Tell someone else.

This battle has gone on for at least two thousand years.

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