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National Cheese Pizza Day – Treat Yourself to A Cheese Pizza Today

September 5th is a special day every year. It’s National Cheese Pizza Day, a day to chow down with a couple of slices of one of America’s favorite meals, cheese pizza. The holiday was created to honor the delicious and classic combination of cheese and pizza.

Americans are so obsessed with pizza. According to a survey, 98 percent of Americans eat pizza and 54 percent say they “love pizza”. It’s a staple in many homes, and 33 million Americans even say it would be their last meal on Earth if they had the choice. Americans eat 350 slices of pizza every second. For many families “Pizza night” is a Friday or Saturday ritual. Many people like to enjoy cheese pizza at parties.

Pizza is one of the favorite food of both young and old in the US. Why do people love pizza so much? Pizza toppings contain glutamate, a compound that stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain, the part of the brain that “rewards” your pleasure-seeking behavior. When you bake a pizza in the oven, it starts to turn brown and the sugar is “pulled out” of the food, making the ingredients more palatable.

Although there are many kinds of popular types of pizza around the country like cheese pizza, veggie pizza, and pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza as the classic is still one of the most popular choices. It will always be a simple, unadorned masterpiece in its own right. 

Whether you prefer eating cheese pizza with pepperoni, sausage, or vegetables, there’s no wrong way to enjoy this classic cheese. Whether you prefer thin crust, deep dish, or regular style, today is a day to celebrate one of the nation’s favorite foods. 

History of National Cheese Pizza Day

Most people around the world believe that pizza originated in Naples, Italy. Neapolitan pizza is a traditional European specialty made with tomato and mozzarella cheese. In 1889, an Italian chef named Rafael Esposito was asked to make a pizza for Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita when the royal pair visited Naples.

Esposito allegedly baked three different pizzas. And the queen was impressed by the colors of the Italian flag, white mozzarella, red tomato sauce, and green basil. So Esposito named it Pizza Margherita in her honor. Then Pizza became fashionable overnight and soon became a staple in restaurants across the country. However, pizza did not immediately gain a foothold in Italy. As Italian immigrants came to the United States, pizza came into the American diet.

The first American pizzeria opened in 1905 in Little Italy, New York. Pizza has gradually become one of America’s favorite foods. Today, there are hundreds of different pizza types and toppings, but they all have their roots in the classic cheese pizza. 

How to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day

In honor of National Cheese Pizza Day, you can order pizza from your favorite pizzeria, make your own tonight, host a party or share your pizza and delight with others. Just Enjoy it!

  1. Make your own cheese pizza at home from scratch. This recipe for Homemade Extra Cheese Pizza has won a lot of people’s love on Pinterest. The crust is puffy, chewy, and thick. If cheese is not able to create a rich flavor, you can experiment with interesting toppings. If you’re a vegetarian, you can try the recipe for homemade vegan Margherita pizza courtesy of Vegan Richa, which can be made in a little less than an hour. The pizza is at its simplest and finest and has tomato sauce with garlic, Italian herbs, and olive oil, a rising pizza dough, and mozzarella cashew cream.
  2. Try to taste cheese pizza for all your meals. Start with a breakfast pizza, have a classic cheese pizza for lunch, and a gourmet cheese pizza with your favorite meat and vegetable toppings for dinner.
  3. If you don’t want to make pizza on your own, just order a takeaway from your favorite pizza stores. Chuck E. Cheeses, Domino’s, CiCi’s Pizza, Peter Piper Pizza, and Pizza Hut all offer cheese pizza and great deals during National Cheese Pizza day. If you’re dazzled by these holiday deals, you can get the best choice from CouponBirds which rounded up the best discounts on those pizza stores to help you save on the pie. Enjoying cheese pizza is supposed to be that easy.
  4. Pizza lovers all know that pizza is a big item in movies, TV shows, and even commercials. Throughout the history of cinema, there are some truly memorable pizza movie moments worth rewatching. So call a few friends, turn on the TV, and have a pizza movie marathon. Don’t forget to order pizza, these pizza movie clips will make you crave a slice of pizza.
  5. Make your own pizza-themed trivia game or game show and play with your families or friends. It would be interesting to know who in your group are real pizza lovers. Expand your pizza knowledge by answering interesting facts about pizza that you may not know. It will be a fun experience for everyone as they share what they know and take away pizza facts for their next party.
  6. Host a cheese pizza party and call your friends and invite your family over. Of course, cheese pizza is the theme of your party but more toppings shall be provided for those who want to taste different types of pizza. Take the time to think about the pizza party decor. You can wear a chef’s hat and decor the dining-table with a red and white tablecloth. But you shall make sure pizza is the center of attention. 
  7. You can use the hashtag #Cheese Pizza Day to post on Twitter to get more engagement with your friends or followers to enjoy the holiday.

National Cheese Pizza Day is the perfect day to enjoy the goodness of cheese with your friends and family. Whether you prefer plain pizza or with all the toppings, you can’t miss a great way to enjoy this classic dish. So why not head over to your favorite pizza place today and indulge in a slice or two? No matter how you choose to celebrate this day, it’s sure to be a delicious one!

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