The Calling of Saint Matthew (1599–1600) by Caraggio, Contarelli Chapel, San Luigi dei Francesi, Rome.
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Top Museums to Visit in Italy

Planning to visit Italy this year? Well, that’s a great idea. If you don’t know any words in Italian yet, then this is the right time for you to learn some basic Italian words and phrases as a beginner. This will add more thrill to your experience in Italy while conversing with the locals and traversing its wondrous sceneries.

Want to see the best local attractions? So, here are the top museums to visit in Italy.

They say that Italy is a museum country. This statement is partly true, especially considering the number of architectural monuments in the capital and the country’s ten largest cities. Moreover, you will surely find at least one museum even in small towns. That is why tourists should know the top locations in advance to plan their vacation. So, here are the museums that are worth your attention.

Vatican Museums, Rome

Get ready to be surprised because the Vatican has many museums. Italians have preserved tens of thousands of ancient Roman books, figurines, frescoes, tapestries, and antique relics. Start at the Sistine Chapel and enjoy the masterpieces of Raphael Santi. The local atmosphere is filled with the luxury of the past and historical relics. In addition, local travel agencies are sure to offer you a good guide who will tell you about the key events and exhibits.

Galleria Degli Uffizi, Florence

And here is one of the symbols of modern Italy and a real architectural masterpiece of the Renaissance that will surprise you with artifacts of antiquity. How about a look at Botticelli’s icons and Michelangelo’s unique sculptures? This unique place has an incredible atmosphere of antiquity and will surely bring you positive emotions. In addition, in Florence, you will find many professional guides who will tell you about all the historical facts.

Accademia, Venice

The Accademia is the place where the relics of the past are kept. This museum has masterpieces by Bellini and Giorgione. That is why you should buy a ticket and enjoy the masterpieces of art. But do not forget that the excursion can take a very long time.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples

Many tourists know about this place. The fact is that the Museo Archeologico Nazionale is a place where unique exhibits from Pompeii and other ancient cities are kept. In addition, you will surely appreciate ancient frescoes, amphorae, and other artifacts with an interesting history. Local guides deserve special attention. These guys know how to get tourists interested. Their historical remarks are so interesting that you will surely learn something new by reading a detailed assignment expert review. So this is why you should visit this museum if you plan to visit Naples.

Museo Egizio, Turin

You will probably be surprised, but the Museo Egizio is kept in Egyptian artifacts. Even in Cairo, there are not so many interesting amphorae, weapons, scrolls, and ancient clothes. A couple of years ago, the museum administration carried out an excellent reconstruction of the main hall, and now the whole building looks perfect. You will surely have a great time on the tour. Start by looking at the tablets and move between the exhibits in chronological order for more interesting information.

Santa Maria Della Scala, Siena

You will be surprised, but this museum had a hospital, a chapel, and even labyrinths earlier. So start by looking at murals, tapestries, and paintings. You can then ask the guides to show you historical artifacts and key exhibits from the collection. You will surely have a great time because the museum administration has spent a lot of effort collecting amazing artifacts of the past.

Galleria Borghese, Rome

And here is one of the unique small museums in Italy. You will surely be delighted to see paintings by Caravaggio and Raphael. In addition, there are tons of statues and artifacts from the past with unique stories to tell. It should be noted that the museum took a very long time to restore, as part of the walls were damaged. Nevertheless, all the renovations have been completed, and any tourist can buy a ticket.

National Etruscan Museum, Rome

Etruscans are amazing people who lived before the ancient Romans. However, their legacy is perfectly preserved in the form of frescoes, statues, and monolithic artifacts that are worth your attention. If you find yourself in Rome, you should visit this location to learn more about the stage of the formation of empires and see the unique objects of art with your own eyes.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many interesting locations in Italy with historical artifacts. Of course, any tourist will be happy to see something new, so you should choose at least a couple of museums from the list. Surely you will be surprised by the statues, frescoes, amphoras, and bas-reliefs. In addition, you can easily use the services of local guides who will tell you about the background of each painting or fresco. 

Your knowledge of Italian history will now be improved. So take your time and enjoy a visit to the best museums in the country. Many locations allow you to take photos and videos, so you are sure to add new content to your family album.

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