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Torn Space Presents “Deathwish” a Conceptual Punk Show & Film Premier

Deathwish by Cult Mother, A Conceptual Punk Show and Performance Installation will be presented by Torn Space on Fridays January 27th and February 3rd   
Tickets: $15 Adults / $10 Students Doors at 7PM Show at 8PM

Are you questioning the meaning of life? 

Cult Mother has all the answers. 

Be among the first to join Cult Mother as they embark on a continental journey spreading the word of Golgonia in the book of Kron. Cult Mother probes all the deep questions in their hour-long performance of Deathwish at Torn Space Theater. Imagery and sound will take you to a transcendental space where you can see, hear and feel Golgonia, our alien mother. Don’t miss your chance to meet Gaba Gobu, the first human to see Golgonia since she gave birth to humans 300 billion years ago. 

Cult Mother stars Tristan Tims on guitar, Justin Von Strasburg on drums, Jason Keller on cello, John Gusky on Bass and Brian Milbrand on video, vocals and saxophone. 

Deathwish features original music and sampled sounds along with original and sampled imagery. The sampled imagery and sound are sourced from hundreds of films and videos including Aliens, Altered States, Attack of the 50ft Woman, The Blob, Body Melt, Brainstorm, Communion, Dawn of the Dead, Fire in the Sky, Four Hours at the Capitol, Johnny Tremain, Independence Day, Marjoe, Mars Attacks, Masters of Horror, Night of the Living Dead, Poltergeist, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Serial Mom, Society, Species, Stepford Wives, Street Trash, Under the Skin, Waking Life, Walled In, White Noise, Wild Wild Country, Woman in the Window, and X-Files in addition to classic educational films, news clips and YouTube videos. 

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