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CT Family Court Sanctions Child Kidnapping?

Chiropractor Dr. Luigi DiRubba claims he lost his six children to a RICO conspiracy operated by the Connecticut Family Court.

The Frank Report (, an investigative website that reports on issues of corruption, recently covered the story of Dr. Luigi DiRubba, a chiropractor from Cheshire, Connecticut.

DiRubba claims he lost his six children to a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) conspiracy operated by the Connecticut Family Court. He believes that the court destroyed his family for profit and alleges that lawyers, therapists, guardians ad litem, and custody evaluators all conspire to strip the assets of a family and separate, divide and conquer, and destroy the lives of children and usually one or both of the parents.

Dr. Luigi DiRubba

DiRubba’s troubles began when his wife, Anna Maria, served him with divorce papers and false criminal accusations of physical abuse, emotional neglect, and child abuse. The charges were unfounded, but after his wife’s claims to the police department, he had to stay in a hotel for three nights and attend court.

When he finally got to court, his wife’s attorney filed motions and froze Luigi’s assets and accounts, leaving him with no access.

DiRubba found out his wife was having an affair, and his attorney hired a private investigator to find out who it was with. For another eight or nine months, the investigator came up with evidence, but DiRubba didn’t see any of it because the person having an affair was the lawyer’s gym buddy.

DiRubba faced obstruction and injustice from his ex-wife throughout the trial, which lasted 14 days. The opposing side insulted and degraded him with irrelevant questions, including questioning his sexuality.

Despite presenting evidence of his ex-wife’s poor, parentally-alienating behavior to the judge, Luigi was ignored and hammered with financial issues instead. Judge James G. Kenefick, Jr. forced DiRubba to pay the opposing attorney’s bill, his legal fees, $100,000 to the Guardian ad Litem, and the $250,000 lien on his building.

Most importantly, the ex-wife was awarded primary physical custody of the six children, while Luigi DiRubba still retained joint legal custody by a 2018 court order, one that was not to be ignored.

DiRubba attempted to appeal his case, including a 2020 modification of his parental rights. The case was dismissed, and he had to represent himself pro se.

In the last few months, his ex-wife took all six children and moved them to Florida without informing him or the Connecticut Family Court. The courts have ignored their own prior orders and all but sanctioned the kidnapping.

“If the shoe was on the other foot and I was the one who took my kids, there would be Amber Alerts up and down the Eastern seaboard,” DiRubba said.

DiRubba only found out about the move when he called his children’s school and found out they were no longer enrolled, subsequently locating them through their registration with a Florida school district.

The actions and tactics of Anna Maria DiRubba are as bad faith as you can get. She left the State of Connecticut under the cover of darkness, having failed to alert the Connecticut Family Cout or her children’s father, who has custodial rights. She packed her children and her bags and took the midnight train down to Georgia – and then kept going to the Sunshine State.

Once he realized what had happened, Luigi DiRubba filed motions asking his wife to bring his children back to Connecticut. She didn’t. Emergency hearings were delayed for months by Connecticut Family Court Judge Jane K. Grossman.

‘I want my fucking bill paid,’ said Mariane Charles to timid Connecticut Family Court Judge James G. Kenefick, Jr.

At the eventual hearing, Attorney Marianne Charles used a financial attack to divert from the Court’s consideration of the best interests of the children and her client’s conduct, smacking of criminality.

The courts usually consider factors like consistency in a child’s environment and routine, the child’s health and safety, family bonds, and what the child wants when deciding on parental and child relocation. The courts also look at whether a move is in the best interests of the child(ren).

Attorney Charles also claimed DiRubba was Anti-Semitic and part of an “Internet conspiracy” to malign the Connecticut Family Court and its judges.

That’s all Judge Grossman needed to look the other way on Anna Maria DiRubbia’s conduct and tell Luigi “nothing can be done” now that the children were out of state, a situation created by Anna Marie, Attorney Charles, and Judge Grossman.

Luigi DiRubbia claims that his ex-wife, her attorney, and the Connecticut Family Court acted in concert to allow custodial interference and kidnapping of his six children.

DiRubba believes that the Connecticut Family Court totally and thoroughly ignored the law and that he has seen his six children fall victim to custodial interference, court-sanctioned kidnapping, psychological abuse, obstruction in reunification, and that no one in the Connecticut Family Courts is lifting a finger.

Connecticut Superior Court Pigs

How can anyone accept Luigi DiRubba’s case as morally legitimate? Corruption, greed, and exploitation in Connecticut Family Court give way to willful ignorance and apathy when the money runs out, and there is no meat left for the carrion birds to pick from the carcass.

When the litigants are still flush with green, the laws ensure parents are separated from their children, and lives are destroyed for the benefit of attorneys, therapists, guardians ad litem, and custody evaluators. All of them conspire to strip the assets of a family and, in so doing, separate, divide and conquer and destroy the lives of children and usually one or both of the parents.

But when the money runs out, the law matters not. These same attorneys, therapists, guardians ad litem, and custody evaluators cannot be bothered with such trifling things as the law and obeisance to the Orders of the Court.

It appears Luigi DiRubba learned his next costly lesson in his Connecticut Family Court education.  When there is no money involved, the law doesn’t matter, and the courts don’t care. The real question always is: How much justice can you afford?

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