(8) ADPList Super Mentor recognition and its significance to his design career

Kush Dave's article on his ADPList Super Mentor recognition: Image depicts UX designer Kush Dave, highlighted for his extraordinary contribution to the design community as an ADPList Super Mentor. The article explores Dave's journey through mentoring, showcasing his transformative impact on aspiring designers across four countries, and underlining his personal and professional growth nurtured through the process of giving back to the design industry.

In his insightful piece, Kush Dave, an internationally recognized ADPList Super Mentor, elaborates on the significance of this esteemed recognition in his career as a UX designer. Dave’s article illuminates the transformative power of mentorship, both for mentees and mentors, reflecting on his journey of conducting 60+ mentorship sessions across four different countries. Highlighting his dedication to sharing knowledge and empowering aspiring designers, Dave underlines the personal and professional growth he has experienced through his mentorship role. The article is a testament to Dave’s commitment to excellence, people-driven design, and the influential impact of mentorship on the wider design community.

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