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Title: Third & Market: A Creative Studio for Modern Visionaries


Meet Third & Market, the creative studio founded by the dynamic duo Erin and Jonathan Phillips. They have established a reputation for transforming brands and driving business success in today’s competitive landscape. Third & Market’s trifecta of services – Brand Identity, Web Design, and Print Materials – provides a comprehensive solution to effectively position brands and elevate businesses.

First Impressions Matter: Authentic Brand Design for Modern Visionaries

At Third & Market, design is more than just eye candy; it’s a dialogue. Their process begins with understanding the core of a business, focusing on what makes it unique. They are deeply interested in the mission, values, and audience of their clients and use that insight to create designs that resonate on a profound level.
As storytellers using design as their language, Third & Market translates the essence of a brand into a visual narrative. Whether it’s a memorable logo, an engaging website, or compelling print materials, everything comes together to create a cohesive and unforgettable brand experience. It’s more than just aesthetics; it’s about making a meaningful connection.

The Power of Collaboration:

Third & Market’s success is a testament to the incredible talent and synergy of their team. The studio introduced us to the creative minds and visionary leaders that make up their collaborative force. Each member brings unique skills, experiences, and perspectives that result in exceptional outcomes for their clients.

The team is dedicated to making a meaningful impact, serving purpose-driven visionaries, and helping brands resonate with authenticity and purpose. Erin’s role as creative director infuses their projects with personality and storytelling. As a professional in the design industry for over 10 years, her vision and energy are palpable, making it clear that she is indeed the driving force of the brand. Jonathan, on the other hand, brings sharp business acumen as a software engineer, ensuring that their designs align with clients’ strategic objectives. Together, they create a dynamic collaboration, blending creativity with intentional thinking.

But they couldn’t do this alone. Meet Ashley Gilman, Project Manager at Third & Market. In her pivotal role, Ashley ensures smooth project execution, serving as a crucial link between the creative vision of Erin and Jonathan and their clients’ needs. Her dedication and attention to detail are a testament to the professional standards that have come to define Third & Market’s unique approach to design.

Transforming Brands with Intentional Design:

Third & Market’s focus on crafting visually stunning designs with a strategic edge was evident throughout our discussion. Erin’s creative direction and passion for storytelling guide the design process, while Jonathan’s business acumen ensures alignment with clients’ goals. Through research and understanding of the target audience, they create brand identities and engaging websites that leave a lasting impact.

Exceptional Results, Client Satisfaction:

It is vividly clear that client satisfaction forms the cornerstone of their creative mission. With an unwavering commitment to clear and effective communication, they strive to meet their clients’ needs at every stage of the collaborative process. Their dedication to building robust relationships, proactively addressing concerns, and delivering nothing short of exceptional quality has carved out a sterling reputation for the studio, with a track record that consistently goes beyond mere satisfaction.

Their clients have made indelible marks in the fashion, beauty and design industries. From gracing the pages of Vogue Italia to strutting their stuff at prestigious events like New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, Third & Market’s clientele solidifies the studio’s presence at the very pinnacle of the industry.

Moreover, features in notable magazines like Magnolia Journal, Elle Decor, and Better Homes & Gardens have further underlined their expertise and influence. It’s clear that aligning with Third & Market isn’t just about transforming a brand; it’s about joining an esteemed circle that shines brightly on the global stage.

It is impossible not to sense the passion and integrity that fuels their work. It’s not just about creating visually stunning designs; it’s about embodying the essence of each brand and making it resonate in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. That, perhaps, is what truly sets Third & Market apart, positioning them as not just a creative studio but a gateway to global recognition and success.

Looking Ahead:

As a woman-owned and disabled-veteran-owned business, Third & Market takes pride in Jonathan’s experience in the US Army, which instills discipline, excellence, and innovation. Their vision for growth and innovation drives them to push boundaries and make a lasting impact in the industry.


If you’re looking to elevate your brand, Third & Market stands as a testament to visionary design and intentional approach. From custom brand identities to captivating websites, they craft solutions that captivate audiences and elevate brands to new heights. Third & Market is not just a creative studio; it’s a partner in propelling brands forward. Our time with Third & Market revealed a team driven by passion, collaboration, and a deep understanding of branding. Their commitment to excellence and authenticity sets them apart, making them a go-to studio for modern visionaries looking to make their mark in the world. Whether you’re a start-up or an established name, Third & Market offers the expertise to help you shine on the global stage. Your brand’s journey to greatness could indeed start here with Third & Market.

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