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    • Apologies, Bill & thanks for the link. 

      This has been bugging me for quite some time, and something spurred my memory about it yesterday, and I made a mental note to bring it up today. Nothing more involved than that. 

      •  I wasn’t trying to self-aggrandize. It bothers me too. Sure, a DWI lawyer is bad, and a lying DWI lawyer is worse than that, but a lying judge, who essentially got the job because he was good at raising money is much, much worse in my view. I am at a loss as to how this thing played out the way it did, and why there weren’t pitchforks and torches when it did.

  • This has always bothered me, and it obviously reeks of an even higher deal made somewhere.  Perhaps we should not allow Fourth Department judges (all of whom are elected State Supreme Court judges) pass judgment on fellow State Supreme Court judges.

    Not that it changes the discussion regarding Makowski, let us not forget that Adams also had pending charges before the Fourth Department for impropriety regarding client funds. Theoretically, she might have gotten the same punishment as Makowski but for the additional, unrelated charges.