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Artvoice Weekly Edition » Issue v12n30 (07/25/2013) » Section: Letters to Artvoice

Iranian Elections: Hold Your Breath and Hope

Iranian elections are a little like Henry Ford’s first line of Model-T cars. His customers, he famously said, could have their cars painted any color they like as long as it’s black. It came as no surprise to the Iranian people that all eight candidates in the most recent presidential election including president-elect Rouhani were among the handpicked candidates that were approved by the Guardian Council, the most influential body in Iran whose members are appointed by the supreme leader. Although when taking the oath of office there is no mention of the supreme leader as the one which the president must follow, the constitution provides that only the supreme leader has legal authority over key state institutions, not the president.

Are Our Neighborhoods Poor?

How do you know who exactly is poor? What is society’s definition of poor and, most importantly, why do people look down on people who are poor? These were tough questions that I had when I first started college at Buffalo State. When I first started asking these questions, I really had no idea where to start. One day as I was passing through one of the buildings, I noticed a sign for a group on campus known as New York State Public Interest Research Group. After class I decided to take a gander down to their main office. When I walked into the room, signs and posters caught my attention all across the walls. These posters were for homelessness and hunger and environmental protection. Here was my chance to finally figure out some of these questions.

Incident at Canalside

Last Thursday, after the Canalside concert, my friends and I wandered over to the merchandise table and proceeded to buy a poster and a shirt after a wonderful show. As it was a beautiful night, we decided to hang around the boardwalk area right across from the Liberty Hound restaurant. The restaurant had music playing, so two of us began to dance, enjoying life. No one was around us, and it was an area where nothing needed to be cleaned after the show.

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